Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Sissy Photos

OK, be prepared to be over whelmed with photos of our baby.. We adopted her on April 21, 2022,,, She was a surrendered Persian.... and now she is our sweet baby...
Her fur is starting to grow back and she is putting on some weight.. Did I mention we love her? She is so sweet.

MIA on Blogger

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It has been awhile since I last posted,, I am still having issues trying to post and am also having an issues trying to post comments on friends Blog posts.. So until I figure it out, I will go help mu husband work on our property and spend time with my sweet little 12 year old rescue Persian kitty, we named 'Sissy".. she is an absolute love bug...

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Hello Blogger World

Well,,, Hello Blogger World,, I could not get back into Blogspot for several months,, so I gave up... Then my computer gave up the ghost..but now, I am back,,, I think. My poor hubby is still having issues trying to get into Blogspot as well. Let's see, what have I been up to since my last post back in August... lots! Between gardening and sewing...I've managed to keep my heart busy,, you see, my beloved mother passed away in August,, And like so many others, trying to take care of issues after a beloved parent passes, especially in the midst of this on going COVID-19 pandamic, it has been a challenge. But here it is now,, Autumn and I am looking forward to family coming up to visit for Thanksgiving. OK,, on a happier note, here are some of my mischief makings..
#1.Some goodies I made for a Denim swap #2. Machine embroidery-Autumn Gnomes #3. The new Trailer Garage #4. My sweet mother's last visit back in 2019 Sorry I didn't comment between the photos,, but Blogspot is still not user friendly for me.. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.. Looking forward to 2022 when hopefully we will be over this pandamic and back to normal. Blessings

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Once Again.. I am so behind in posting...

Once again, I am so behind in posting... the last few months have been a blur... We have been busy working around our 14acres,, and with all the heat, have had to put many projects on hold. As you know,, there have been so many fires up and down the West Coast from California to Canada... and Eastern Washington has had it's share as well. Even our daughter had a veggetation fire on the back side of her property behind the Goart barn.. thankfully the fire crews arrived very fast and got the fire under control by late that evening. But, finally the weather has come down from the 100' degrees down to the 70-80's... Here are some photos of some projects I have been playing with... The 1st photo is of our Ginger girl viewing a denim apron I received from a friend.. in the 2,3,4th photos are the items I made for a denim recycle swap... I made a flag banner that says "Dare to Dream", a lavender filled jeans pocket, a key cholder and mug rugs... In the 5th photo, I made a fabrick stuffed pin wheel'...
Then I picked 6lbs of tomatoes,,,from my garden so I made salsa
I made 8 half pints of yummy salsa.. My hubby repaired my old camp sign ... I love the way it turned out!
I am currently painting the little trailer, so as soon as it is painted it goes back on and the sign goes out by my trailers...
and while hubby was working on the camp sign I put together a little wind chime from cast off stuff... Hubby and I spotted this vintage old wash machine.. I knew I had the perfect spot for it!! and next year it will be filled with flowers... Hubby is still scratching his head,, but, no matter,,, I luv it, and that is all that matters! lol!
And last, on a sad note,, for my sister and me, our Mother passed away after 3 years of living with a frail body and mind due to a Stroke. Mother,,, Oma never lost her sence of humor and was always smiling in spite of her stroke We are recovering from our loss,,, but even though mother is gone,, she will remain in our memories and hearts for ever. Klara Wilhelmenia Brigitte Wolf, June 5th 1934 to August 8th 2021.... Oma, we love you.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Oh My Goodness! Has it been 2 months?

Oh my goodness,,, has it been 2 months since I last posted? and now we are heading into August! So,, I will do the super speed "play catch"... We started some renovations around our home, some outside, but most inside...with a lot more projects in the horizon... I would like to say I have been super busy in my sewing/craft room too! but alas,, the only thing I managed to do,,, is make a mess!!! Also, I had to get a new Cell phone as my old Cell phone was so out of date it no longer will operate as a phone,, though I can still use it to check facebook, instagram and pinterest... so I had to buy a new phone,, then had to have all my contacts and apps sent over to the new phone.. and that was the easy part (NOT!).. but now I am learning how to use this phone.. I am involved in 2 'Swaps',, one is a mini quilt swap, 6" x 12" mini quilt..... and the other swap is a 're-purpose blue jeans' project of our choice... I do enjoy the Swaps,, but with the cost of postage these days,, I think I will be a bit more picky in the swaps that I participate in.
here are a few of the mini quilts that I made in June... I have more photos,, but they are on my new cell phone and I have not figured out how to get them to my computer.. As soon as I do learn how to transfer the photos over,, I will post... I hope everyone is having a lovely SUmmer,, but to be honest,, I am looking forward to Autumn,, I prefer the cooler temps. Have a wonderful time, stay safe and stay healthy. >^..^<