Saturday, June 30, 2007

Clothes Pin Holder


Here is a bag to hold my clothes
pins in. I rememeber how "Moms"
use to use them to store their
clothes pins in, back in the
1950's & 60's. Some were plain
and utilitarian while others
were quit fancy. So I just had
to make myself one to hold the
decorated clothes pins I am
swapping over at Maryjanesfarm.

Friday, June 29, 2007

EllyAnne Geisel, author , The Apron Book...

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OK, so what are the odds of having lunch with a friend, telling her all about MaryJanesFarm & the aprons I have made from mens shirts when as we are leaving I realize that the lady talking to a group of people from Boarders Book Store, is none other then Author EllynAnne Geisel herself!!!!! Me with out a camera....where is a cellphone camera when you need one!!!! aauugghh!!!!
What a delight to meet her, in person.....I had to be pretty crafty to make sure that either my daughter or hubby bought me "The Apron Book" for Christmas, & it paid off. I love the book (and had it displayed next to my vintage blender, go a ways down on my blog, & click on the picture to get a better look at her, I mean my book!)
She is delightful and so sweet, the epitome of southern charm, and yes she was wearing an apron. In fact she had a little vintage suitcase filled some of the aprons from her collection. How cool!!!!!
For those of you not familiar with her book, what are you waiting for,,,,go buy it,,,you will love it! In fact in the back of the book is a pocket with an apron pattern....I have not been brave enough to cut out the apron pattern yet, silly me.
Once I get settled into my new home in Spokane, I plan to sew like crazy, & yes, EllyAnne, I will finally cut & use your apron pattern.....
EllyAnne, thanx for a delightful encounter, blessings to you & may you have a safe trip home.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

More Mini Aprons


Here is our little
Peek-a-boo guarding
my latest mini aprons.