Tuesday, December 25, 2007

More mischief,,,


I have way too much fun! From the Mini Apron swaps over at Maryjanes Farm to playing with my fur babies and having a most wonderful Christmas with my family.

If you click on the picture you will be able to get a closer look at the mini aprons. In the first piture I an wearing a lovely red satin & fancy trimmed apron given to me by "Kathie" over at the Maryjanes Farmgirl Mini Apron Swap. What a delightful surprize to receive such a beautiful apron, oh & it's reversable too!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Life is a Blessing <><


My husband is such a good sport about helping me in the kitchen...but somehow my Dancing Cow Apron does not fit him the same as it fits me! LOL!
My kitties are standing guard of me & our Thanksgiving Turkey. I am wearing my "Oma's" vintage Dirndle Apron. Then I had to switch to my Klassy Kat apron before serving dinner to my family.
Recently I went to the Muesem of Art & Culture with some delightful friends....There was the most wonderful display of turn of the century dresses....the ladies that wore these dresses were truly petite! I have not had a 20" waist since I was in the 4th grade! The detail & workmanship on these dresses is awesome.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Loving my Retirement...


The latest of my Apron creations! This one is perfect for Martini time!

Here I am working on the scrollsaw, don't look to closely or you will see primer pint on my hands...

Back in September my daughter & I played hookey from responcibilities and snuck over to Coeur D' Alene, Idaho for a sunny afternoon of strolling, eating & shopping, something we are very good at!.

Notice the matching shirts? That is my hubby~Gary(he is the one on the left~LOL!) The turkey (one on the right~ more LOL!) was cut out by my hubby & painted by our daughter for a local Garden Nursery.

Last but not least,,, our first snow here in Spokane, WA. It was 6:30am & both my hubby & I were out side in our jammies taking pictures of the snow to send back to our family & friends back in California. Sadly it was melted away by mid day.

As always if you click on the pictures you will get a closer view...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The little apron on the left, was given to me, so I used it as a templete to create this Harvest Apron. I made 5 total for the ladies over at the Nursery that I volunteer at.

The Kool Kat apron is from this pattren too!

(click on pic for closer look).

My Little Apron Model...

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Dolly Girl, my very good natured kitty,

modeling one of my mini aprons...

I probably should sleep with one

eye open... lol!

Kool Kat Apron

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Here is one of my newest apron projects.

A crazy Kool Kat apron in an funky reto

motif...click on the pic for a closer look.

Monday, August 27, 2007

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My darling husband, daughter & I spent a lovely afternoon at the Arbor Crest Winery, viewing antique cars and watching glass artists create lovely items, jewelery etc from glass. Oh, & yes we also sampled some delightful wine and listened to some great jazz music. "Cheers".

What a lovely view from the winery of the Spokane River and the Spokane Valley below.

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Yipppeeeee! my husbands barn/workshop is almost done, soon I can tell him to "Go to your room" when he starts getting to be a pest around the house! He is so excited because he will have a awesome go to heck woodworking room. I plan to keep him busy with a lot of "HoneyDo" wood projects!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Our new home, aka: "Little house on the Prarie". I can hardly wait for the moving truck to arrive with our funiture! Someday I hope to have a hugh field of Lavender, Sunflowers & fruit trees. That should keep me busy!
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I will miss my beautiful and faithful blooming lavender plant. My kitties loved it too. They would hide up under it for a mid-day nap, which in turn made my kitties smell wonderful! One of the negatives of moving is giving up ones garden.

Lavender scented kitties, love it!

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Here we are having our '54 Chevy BelAire loaded up to be transported to Spokane Washington. Yep, she is cool & we look forward to cruising in her next summer. There was a '69 Camero on the transporter & my hubbie tried to talk the driver into a trade, good thing I was there to stop him! LOL!!

I love this old car & my old hubby too!.

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Yet another crazy apron I am making for a project at MaryJanes Farm forum. Gee, can you tell I love kitties???

(click on the image to see a closer view.)

Fun shopping day...

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Had fun finding the
2 aprons & the soap
bottle apron at a local
vintage store in
Spokane Wash.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Clothes Pin Holder


Here is a bag to hold my clothes
pins in. I rememeber how "Moms"
use to use them to store their
clothes pins in, back in the
1950's & 60's. Some were plain
and utilitarian while others
were quit fancy. So I just had
to make myself one to hold the
decorated clothes pins I am
swapping over at Maryjanesfarm.

Friday, June 29, 2007

EllyAnne Geisel, author , The Apron Book...

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OK, so what are the odds of having lunch with a friend, telling her all about MaryJanesFarm & the aprons I have made from mens shirts when as we are leaving I realize that the lady talking to a group of people from Boarders Book Store, is none other then Author EllynAnne Geisel herself!!!!! Me with out a camera....where is a cellphone camera when you need one!!!! aauugghh!!!!
What a delight to meet her, in person.....I had to be pretty crafty to make sure that either my daughter or hubby bought me "The Apron Book" for Christmas, & it paid off. I love the book (and had it displayed next to my vintage blender, go a ways down on my blog, & click on the picture to get a better look at her, I mean my book!)
She is delightful and so sweet, the epitome of southern charm, and yes she was wearing an apron. In fact she had a little vintage suitcase filled some of the aprons from her collection. How cool!!!!!
For those of you not familiar with her book, what are you waiting for,,,,go buy it,,,you will love it! In fact in the back of the book is a pocket with an apron pattern....I have not been brave enough to cut out the apron pattern yet, silly me.
Once I get settled into my new home in Spokane, I plan to sew like crazy, & yes, EllyAnne, I will finally cut & use your apron pattern.....
EllyAnne, thanx for a delightful encounter, blessings to you & may you have a safe trip home.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

More Mini Aprons


Here is our little
Peek-a-boo guarding
my latest mini aprons.

Monday, May 28, 2007

MJF girls in Ventura, Calif.


A MaryJane Farm girl outting in the Historic district of downtown Ventura, Calif.

Kreativeblond (Amanda) on left & mima (Debi) on the right. ...........................................................

(Katmom~Grace is taking the picture)

Laundry day @ the old court house. Poor Father Sierra, so many aprons to choose from.

We had a great time lunching/shopping & gabbing. MaryJane Farm girls are the best!

Don't forget to click on the picture to get a better look at the aprons.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Tilly Turtle & Scooter

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"Tilly" (small) & her boyfriend (lrg) "Scooter" .
We have had Scooter the tortise for over 20 years, Tilly the turtle came to us 2 years ago. They are the perfect pet...they sleep all winter, don't bark & take themselves for walks. Our kat's find them very entertaining.

Friday, May 18, 2007

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Mini aprons for a special MJF gal

& her mom.

click on the image to get a

closer look.

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My latest Thrift Shop finds.

I paid .35cents for each item.


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Made this apron from scrap fabric, ric rack & bias tape. I has 2 deep pockets.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

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More vintage goodies and another vintage mixer. The camera was a gift.

I found the Breadbox/coffee & tea keeper at a cute antique shop in Santa Maria California.

Notice the awesome book on aprons???

It was a Christmas gift from my DH.


I collect vintage mixers.

1928-1970's (7 total so far)

Yes, they all work!

Here are 4 of them on display.

Yep, that's real vintage Dinner

Juke Box selector. (in the corner).

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I am a member of "Sisters on the Fly" #472.

I made this little trailer to hang from

my trailer on fishing outings...

My DH did the wood cutting & I

painted & beaded the trailer.

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Apron Swap...& look @ what I got!

Peek-a-boo possing with my wonderful handmade apron & goodies that came from "Herbquilter" over @ the MaryJanesFarm website. She is so talented.

The apron is handcrafted from vintage lace & draprey fabric. The tea is a blend of homegrown lavender & speremint, yum! & wonderfully scented home made soaps. I feel so pampered.

Thank you herbalmomma.

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3 of my 4 fur babies,,,, & now you know why I go by katmom!!! >^..^<
The 2 on the left are rescued Hymi's.
The one on the right we acquired from a dear lady who is a cancer survivor & inspriation.
Notice their hair cuts???
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Here I am, Red Hat, Purple Dress &
Pink Kat Apron.
We are learning to make
home made Tortillas by "Sally" a sister Red Hatter of the Moorpark Grand Dammms #194 .
This is as close to home cooking as I've been in a long time.
My Motto:
I've been slavin' over microwavin'.