Monday, November 23, 2009

National Tie One On Day....

ok, I could not resist making this apron from a lace curtain panel...I folded it in (uneven)half, gathered up the waist, added the MaryJane Farm panel and stitched on the sash/tie which is just one long piece of fabric folded in half. If I had, had time I would have back stitched(red work) over some of the lines in the sweet panel, but it's crunch time now...Maybe next time.
I also chose not to add a pocket given the lacey nature of the curtain.
Now all that is left to do is to top stitch the sash/tie and then tuck it in a bag along with some goodies.
Thank goodness I made 2 dozen muffins....and and extra lavender for the jam, I canned plenty. Panel from the 'MaryJanes Farm' line of fabric. Sweet!
Getting ready to pack things up!

Well Wednesday, Nov. 25th is National Tie One On Day...and in the good spirit & inspiration of the Maven of Aprons, EllynAnne Giesel, I have prepared 3 be dropped off, or as I call it, Drop-n-Dash... at the homes of unsuspecting neighbors....each basket will contain muffins, peach jam, a lavender sachet & a MaryJane's Farm Magazine...all sweetly wrapped up in an apron...except one which will be wrapped in the green dish towel as it is for an elderly gentleman. Somehow, I can't quit picture him in a Farm Girlie!
A lot of the ladies over on the MaryJanesFarm forum are doing like wise.....baking goodies to be wrapped in an apron and given as a sweet gift to friends and neighbors.
I love this time of year,,,I only wish we could/would embrace the spirit of Sharing & Caring everyday....

My Kids & Aprons & Life in General...

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I have been keeping busy getting through some of the projects that have been sitting on my sewing table....but still have a stack to finish... This apron was made from a bed sheet & no pattern...just sort of a cut, pin & stitch project.

Debbie Mum fabric and a Daisy Kingdom pattern...

My "grandkids" keep me in stitches.....oh wait, that would be my!
As for the "kids" they are so entertaining....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Yep here we are after 37 years of marriage...not bad for a couple of kids who dated in High School and are traveling through life laughing all the way.... We've gone from city dwellers to country bumpkins with the tractor, weeds & empty bank account to prove!
The old saying about looking at life like a glass of water, you can see it as half empty or half full...shoot, ours is flowing over!
Happy Anniversary to us! & many more.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

83 Doilies

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This is what a stack of 83 Doilies looks like!
My mom sent them to me. They were given to her and she doesn't have any need for them but knew I would love and cherish them...and I do. Most of them are in excellent shape, even starched. Only a few have stains. I am thinking it might be fun to just frame a few for display.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Snowing!!!!

Ok, this picture was taken about 1 1/2 hours later after the Birdie pics(below)....and yep, it's still snowing!
Little miss Skylar, just turned 4 and already an Apronista! You can't just feed one...

or can you?

Cheap entertainment for my kitties....."The Bird Channel"!

Well here it is, Friday, November 13th....and our first real snow for the 4PM everything was solid white!
But even the snow does not deter the birds for coming to our place for lunch... speaking of lunch... my little friend Skylar came over for lunch, well actually for tea and a sugar rush!

I have some explaining to do to her mom as to why Skylar is so 'amped'...hummm, sugar cookies, sugar cubes, cupcakes & least I know her Dentist is gonna love me! lol!

We had fun none the less....and Skylar even got to wear her apron and use her little potholder when we baked Tollhouse cookies. She is such a cutiepie. It was fun to have a 4 year old in the house today (and I don't mean my husband! lol!).

Make Time to Take Time and play with a wee one and recapture your inner 4 year old!

Oh and as for the kitties, both Dolly Girl and Mz Beasley liked all the attention they got from Skylar but lil miss (priss) Peekaboo was not so amused with a wee one in the!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Big Affair....

Thank goodness I am not the jealous type! Because as you can see, this is the "other woman" in my husband's life!
At almost 17 years old, our Ms Beasley is slowing down but still loves to cuddle with her favorite man.

Our Newest (Grand) Kids....

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Ok, so our latest Grand Kids are these 3 guys....
Our daughter & Son-in-law have taken in these goats so now they have 5 goats & 1 sheep....
I think they have this "Adopting" thing down pat! All of the critters seem to get along very well. No shortage of antics around their barn.

Sewing Up A Storm...

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Little girls holiday apron for a very special little 5year old who is coming over for tea this Friday. I also made a special pot holder to fit her little hands.
This is 1 of 5 Dinner style aprons that I am stitching up for gifts & a couple that I have sold.
I also made matching pot holders to go with the aprons. Some are fun festive prints while the rest are Holiday prints.
Now this sweet little apron (child's size 3) is made from a pillowcase like the one it is photographed next to. I modified the apron and changed the neck tie from tie strings to a collar w/a snap closure. I added Battenburg lace trim onto the pockets. The battenburg trim was from a tattered piece of linen. And of course a couple of Yoyos just because....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Weeks Projects....


Ok. this is some of the mischief I have been getting into this week!
And if Peek-a-boo kitty tells you she helped....don't believe her! lol!
I crochet yet another rug, this one is pink & blue & will go in my 1963 Scotty trailer as will the brown apron with little pink & grey Scottie dog motif.
The Western album is a birthday gift for a Sisters on the Fly friend who will be turning 29(again!)!
You can click on the photo to get a closer look if you want.
Thanx for stopping by.