Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remember When..

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Remember When.....

OK, so maybe this was a wee bit before my time,(by 20years),,,,,, but this is a sweet example of a marketing idea used by the J&P Coats/Clark company.... back in 1935. Yep, 76 years ago.

Simply cut out the "Bunny" shape and glue to the ends of an empty wooden thread spool...

Voila! instant "Spool Pet" toy.

Oh how I would love to find the other 5 "pet" cards that once held cotton bias tape.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Blogger....

Dear Blogger...... You are driving me crazy!!!!
Half the time you say I don't exist, yet I do! You won't let me access my blog half the time or I have to re-sign in each time I make a post,,, and then other times I have to 'un-check' the sign-in box.... Each time I try to post I have to sign in... If I try to comment on other friends blogs, sometimes I can, some I have to re-sign-in and for some you deny me access...uugghh! What's a blogging maven too do!?!
What ever happen to "K.I.S.S." ? (keep it simple stupid)....
What happen to once signed in, always signed in unless you purposely sign out...?
I have tried to trouble shoot and yet you ask me questions like when I first opened my blogg account, last time I used it, etc... Hello! yes I know I can go all the way back to the very beginning of my blog to locate my 1st post.... but come on... why did you make my blog inaccessible to begin with and yet my other blog shows as active, and yet I have to do the same thing (sign-in) each time I want to post on it...
Ok, I am through venting...for now!... maybe.... but I am still not a happy camper!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy B-day My Little LeiLei...

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Little Sister 'Phoobit' is helping Big Sister, 'LeiLei' open birthday gifts. Our little LeiLei is now 2 years old.. don't blink or she might be asking for the keys to the car! lol

A Little of This & That Yard Sale Finds.

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Score! what a great day hitting the end of the Summer yard sales.... I found this sweet little smock~bib which I plan to reproduce for my grand babies. It's sort of a 'dress saver' apron for tots.

I also found a mid-60's apron and some wonderful 1954 patterns....

I collect vintage Cake Carriers as well as the cake carrier for $2 and both pair of gloves for $1...SCORE!

I found this wonderful apron, actually I found another one quit similar and got them both just because I could not decide on which one to buy.... lol!

It was a great day yard sale-ing for myself & my glamping gal pals this past weekend.

(see my trailer blog to see our fun).

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Thirsty!

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No I am not a bad grammie, but out here in the country we are not fussy or prissy & when you get thirsty you pick up the water hose & if it is in use you do the second best thing.... drink from the sprinkler! lol! Actually I looked over and spotted my grand baby, Leilei quenching her I did what any respectable grammie would do,,, laughed & took a photo.

Future Lavender Farmerette...

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I had to do some pruning on my lavender plants and I was also baby sitting one of my sweet grand babies, LeiLei.. After a short time she tired of putting the lavender in the bucket so I promoted her to head lavender pruner girl....

She enjoyed helping me!

And the best part, she works cheap! A cookie & a hug & she is a happy camper.!lol!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lavender Scones & Lemon Curd

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Every now & then I channel my inner 'Betty Crocker'! and will bake something.....
Todays 'bake' was lavender scones..... which I topped off with my favorite "Dickinsons" Lemon Curd....oh yummy X 10.... It makes a dull morning very special.

Babies will be Babies...

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No matter how fast you try to take a photo of grandbabies... they are even faster.

Quick, snap the shutter..... lol!

These are my 2 sweet grandbabies....leilei in purple, turns 2 mid September and Phoobee, in blue, turns 2 in January.
As for my daughter she turns...oh wait, I can't tell you because then you will know how old I am!

Busy as a Bee....

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My Hollyhocks finally bloomed, but the stalks were kind of squatty, but heck, I'll take squatty Hollyhocks anyday over not getting any blossoms!

Darn Bee,,,, he kept buzzing around so I had to resort to holding the flower so I could get this photo!... thank goodness he was to 'buzzy' gathering pollin to pay attention to me! lol!

Speaking of Bees... the Humming Birds left last week & I was to lazy to take down the feeder...only to create an open invitation for these critters to buzz on over. I hate these buggers.... The feeder came down right after I took this photo! Got some very angry critters flying around now !

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boot Jacks & Rag Rugs....

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I came across this boot jack at a yard sale,,, so I did what any respectable crafting diva would do...I embellished it....

I almost hate to use it & get it dirty!.... lol!

I have 5 rag rugs to crochet for Christmas....and this is why it is taking me so long!

Awewww, you have to admit, she does look comfy.