Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Road Less Traveled...

After 4 days of being nearly snow/house bound...we took the opportunity to "fly the coup" the first moment we bundled up, in the old "beater with a heater" (our old farm truck) we hit our little market in town, loaded up on "Cheeze Nips" and Coffee Latte's and then hit the road!
For those of you who know us, know we love to wander and travel the roads less traveled....

The above picture is of a very frozen "Clear Lake" over in Medical Lake(WA)...hmmm, not gonna catch much fish today!
and as always,,,,almost got whiplash looking for old trailers which we saw several...this one was interesting as there were 2 on the same farm.
I would love to get my hands on both,,,,but,,,we still have 2 "works-in-progress" I will make a mental note of these two.
I thought it was interesting to see this falcon, sitting in the tree...perhaps he too needed to "fly the coup" or out looking for tonight's meal!(click on the pic to see closer).
This is a lovely old working farm, both cattle & wheat.....I would love to go back in the Summer to take summer photos.... Just hope I can remember where I saw it! lol!
In a lot of rural~ Agricultural areas, you will find "Grange" buildings...sort of a farmer's community meeting hall.... In days gone by, nearly every small community had a "Grange" building where farmers would meet and discuss community events, farming issues and what ever else was going on in the community.....and I am sure many a community gatherings and pot lucks were held there too!
This is an interesting place, there are actually more old dilapidated structures around this building...I just happen to like the drab color contrast.
I am going to have to try & do some research on this old appears to have been an old cattle/dairy ranch that butts up to the back of a small inlet of the lake.
I know of 4 Alpaca Ranches over in Medical Lake & 2 in Airway Heights...but I hadn't any idea that there was(is) a Llama Ranch in Medical Lake.
I have seen several ranches around here where there is a Llama mixed in with the heard of horses...Llamas make great "alarm systems" as they are very alert to predators.
Well, I have a ton more pics...but I don't want to share them! lol! Just kidding.....
In the mean time.....remember..."Get off the Interstate...take the path less traveled &
"Wagons HO!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rag Rugs just keep popping up!

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Just finished this one up a wee bit ago...Wow! 2 rugs in 1 day...
Well I have 7 rag rugs stacked in the guest room....waiting to be put to good use.

Baby Sitting....

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OMG! our lil Phoobit is taking a few steps on her own! She will be walking in no time!
Your suppose to sit down on the 'Sit-n-Spin'....but Phoobit likes to 'Stand-n-Spin" !
Leilei is "so totally cool", just ask her!
Today we got to have both girls all we spoiled them and had fun doing so.
"What happens at the Grandparents,,,stays at the Grandparents! lol!

I Luv RagRugs

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Just finishing up another RagRug.....and when this one is done I have another one to start on....
I Luv RagRugs!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

February 24th 2011

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OK,,,, did I not get the 'email" about snow in February?
What is wrong with this picture? I thought we were suppose to be on schedule for Spring!
It started yesterday and by the wee hours of the night we had 30mph winds and woke up to snow drifts and nearly minus degree weather.....did I mention I am soooo not liking this?
This may be my mode of transportation into town today!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

What Happens at Oma's, Stays at Oma's....

Leilei & Phoobit playing 'Peek-a-boo'......
Normally we don't eat while playing on the furniture,,,,but what happens at Oma's,,, stays at Oma's! lol!
Bouncing babies are Happy babies.......
I can hardly believe Leilei is almost 17months and Phoobit is 14months.....
As many of you know, Leilei (sitting) is officially adopted buy our daughter & Son-in-law and Phoobit's (standing) adoption should be final by May...if there are no Hiccups along the way.
Ahh, it's good to be the spoiling Oma (German for Grandma).....


Look what I got in today's mail!!!! OMG! a R.A.O.K.....
Monica aka Happy Zombie, a talented quilter & fabric designer surprised me with a R.A.O.K.
I received the sweetest "Needle Bag" lined with felt and it has 3 'pocket~pages & a snap closure, made by Monica herself!
And,,,,, 5 sets of 4" quilt blocks in 5 colors & 5 about cute!
I love her sweet Gnome print fabric & complimentary fabrics....are these cute or what?
Talk about yumaliouscious prints! I can hardly wait to create....just looking at & holding these 4" blocks makes me happy.....
Thank you 'sew' very much Monica........instant 'sunshine' in the form of fabric!
p.s. for those who are wondering what R.A.O.K. means.....
O- of
K- kindness
I discovered Monica's site via another blog site,,,, and she had these absolutely adorable little mini Halloweenie Totes that she had made (check out the Fall Quilts & More magazine). I just had to make a few of my own for some of my vintage trailer glamping gal pals. The mini totes turned out 'sew' cute...again, Thank you Monica!
Check out Monica's blog site,,,,you'll be glad you did,,,and warning,,,,you'll be grinning and possibly drooling after you visit her site. I'm just saying.... lol!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

107 Days and Counting!

Hub's gave my "Valentines Day" gift the form of a lovely Sunday hike over at Riverside State Park,,,, my favorite "de-compress" respit....
Yep, it was lovely and the air was clean & clear..perfect!
The suspension bridge below allows you to cross over the river to hike up to the Equestrian trails, or if you fancy can do that as well.
The river was rushing quit swift today and the water lever is up!
This bridge is a trip! unless you don't like the motion of movement you'll experience when a certain husband thinks it's funny to get the bridge to sway! lol!
This is the view of the river from the G-2 campsite at the camp grounds....
oops! this pic is out of order...but this is the path up to the bridge from the upper campgrounds.
I guess we were not the only ones enjoying the river for Valentines Day! lol!
Ok, this is the view from the G-1 campsite at the river.
oh how I love to come here & clear my really is a wonderful campground and in just 107 days there will be 22 little vintage trailers Glamping and enjoying my favorite campground and trails.
Counting counting counting....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Almost a Featherweight.....

I was out Thrifting the other day,,,and came across this little machine...I looked at it and thought, it looked rather smaller then the standard size machine,,,but it was in good shape and I didn't have a Montgomery Wards machine in my collection...yet!
So for the sum of $25.00 it got to come home with me to it's new home...I love rescuing old machines! lol!
Anyways as luck would have it,,,and a whole lot of research... I found out that the National Sewing Machine company manufactured machines under it's own name as well as for Sears and Montgomery Wards..... This machine is a " EXP.B.T. Long Shuttle". As best as I can figure it was manufactured somewhere around 1935-41

I love the cool MW logo on the machine.....
This machine uses a 'shuttle' instead of a round bobbin. I have a Singer that is also a Shuttle type machine.

I will need to change out the cords as they are brittle,,,,,but look forward to playing with it.
Now to try and do some more research and see what I can find out about this little machine's history.
I took measurements and it is the same size as a Singer Featherweight 221 machine and about the same weight. It measures approximately 12" x 8" .
I was under the assumption that only Singer made a "Featherweight" type now to hit the internet and do some research......

Projects in the Waiting....

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I found this cool chair at the Thrift. I plan to re-upholster it.....I spotted some cool vinyl at Hancock Fabrics, but I think I will check out Joannes & Hobby Lobby before I make my decision...I want a totally 1950's retro looking fabric....
These little goodies are also Thrift finds and are awaiting "paint" so the first warm sunny day I am outside with my spray paint & a grin on my face!
I just want to touch up the lid on the little tea for the cake lid/cover I think I might get creative, spray on the first coat of paint in white or yellow and when dry I will stick on little "dots" and then repaint in a fun color like green or red, remove the 'dots' and a cute polka dotted cake pan lid......
The little gold horse was actually the top of an equestrian trophy, I took the horse off, will paint it,,,maybe a ruby red and then glue on a 'wine bottle cork....instant horsey bottle cork topper! hmmm, maybe I will add some rhinestones for that Bling appeal!
(I have to give credit to my friend Mig for that idea.... thanx Mig.)
The silver double circle~ condiment holder will also get a coat of paint,,,just haven't decided what color yet.
My neighbor, Andrea, is an avid "penny rug" I save all my wool scraps for her and on occasion, when I find a coat or skirt (at the Thrift) made of 100% wool, I buy it, wash & dry it and then give it to her. This past Monday I bought a brown ladies coat & grey ladies skirt, both 100% wool and both for only 99cents can't even buy a 6x8 piece of wool at the quilt store (up the road from us) for that price!
Now if the weather would just get nice so I can get busy! lol!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Babies Gone Wild!!!

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So what happens when mommy (my daughter) gets sick? She call's her mommy (me) to come babysit the Grand~babies.... which equates to total mayhem & bedlam......or at the very least,,,Babies Gone Wild!
Oh wait,,,maybe it's grandma's new way of dusting!!, Ya,,,that's it!!!!! Dusting! wink wink!

What a Great Week....

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What a great week,,,,,,I started work on a Wool/Felt project (mini wool felt stockings)...then I received my copy of "Apronology" that I had won on the "Apron Memories" blog, hosted by EllynAnne Geisel & Stampington Publications....I am soooo thrilled!
Then the book I ordered, "Sew Retro" arrived....what a great book. I am still drooling...
Now to find the time to read both my book & magazine and finish stitching my mini stockings!
Truth be known....the really good thing about all of this?...I had been sick for 3 days....and so this was the perfect "medicine" to make me feel better! and I Do!