Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Projects in the Waiting....

I found this cool chair at the Thrift. I plan to re-upholster it.....I spotted some cool vinyl at Hancock Fabrics, but I think I will check out Joannes & Hobby Lobby before I make my decision...I want a totally 1950's retro looking fabric....
These little goodies are also Thrift finds and are awaiting "paint" so the first warm sunny day I am outside with my spray paint & a grin on my face!
I just want to touch up the lid on the little tea for the cake lid/cover I think I might get creative, spray on the first coat of paint in white or yellow and when dry I will stick on little "dots" and then repaint in a fun color like green or red, remove the 'dots' and a cute polka dotted cake pan lid......
The little gold horse was actually the top of an equestrian trophy, I took the horse off, will paint it,,,maybe a ruby red and then glue on a 'wine bottle cork....instant horsey bottle cork topper! hmmm, maybe I will add some rhinestones for that Bling appeal!
(I have to give credit to my friend Mig for that idea.... thanx Mig.)
The silver double circle~ condiment holder will also get a coat of paint,,,just haven't decided what color yet.
My neighbor, Andrea, is an avid "penny rug" I save all my wool scraps for her and on occasion, when I find a coat or skirt (at the Thrift) made of 100% wool, I buy it, wash & dry it and then give it to her. This past Monday I bought a brown ladies coat & grey ladies skirt, both 100% wool and both for only 99cents can't even buy a 6x8 piece of wool at the quilt store (up the road from us) for that price!
Now if the weather would just get nice so I can get busy! lol!

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  1. Hey Gracie, how about a "Painting 101" class at the Farmchicks camping weekend? For those of us who are craft-challenged, it would be great to see how to paint something...technique, product, etc. Please think about it...Lilli


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