Sunday, February 13, 2011

107 Days and Counting!

Hub's gave my "Valentines Day" gift the form of a lovely Sunday hike over at Riverside State Park,,,, my favorite "de-compress" respit....
Yep, it was lovely and the air was clean & clear..perfect!
The suspension bridge below allows you to cross over the river to hike up to the Equestrian trails, or if you fancy can do that as well.
The river was rushing quit swift today and the water lever is up!
This bridge is a trip! unless you don't like the motion of movement you'll experience when a certain husband thinks it's funny to get the bridge to sway! lol!
This is the view of the river from the G-2 campsite at the camp grounds....
oops! this pic is out of order...but this is the path up to the bridge from the upper campgrounds.
I guess we were not the only ones enjoying the river for Valentines Day! lol!
Ok, this is the view from the G-1 campsite at the river.
oh how I love to come here & clear my really is a wonderful campground and in just 107 days there will be 22 little vintage trailers Glamping and enjoying my favorite campground and trails.
Counting counting counting....


  1. Hey, thanks for the tour! Can't wait to get there....when it's warmer! Let's just pray I can back her in without landing in the river!

  2. My Gary and I were there on Saturday, just to check it out! Can't wait! We saw two very nice Whitetail bucks laying down enjoying the sunshine. Lilli

  3. Lili,
    Yep! "Great Minds think alike"!
    I am counting the days to Glamping...104 days & counting!

  4. Karen,,,lol! we'll make sure you don't back up your trailer into the river...oh wait, 24 ladies standing around yelling at you which way to steer...ummm! maybe you will back into the river! lololol!
    just kiddin'
    104days & counting...


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