Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Almost a Featherweight.....

I was out Thrifting the other day,,,and came across this little machine...I looked at it and thought, it looked rather smaller then the standard size machine,,,but it was in good shape and I didn't have a Montgomery Wards machine in my collection...yet!
So for the sum of $25.00 it got to come home with me to it's new home...I love rescuing old machines! lol!
Anyways as luck would have it,,,and a whole lot of research... I found out that the National Sewing Machine company manufactured machines under it's own name as well as for Sears and Montgomery Wards..... This machine is a " EXP.B.T. Long Shuttle". As best as I can figure it was manufactured somewhere around 1935-41

I love the cool MW logo on the machine.....
This machine uses a 'shuttle' instead of a round bobbin. I have a Singer that is also a Shuttle type machine.

I will need to change out the cords as they are brittle,,,,,but look forward to playing with it.
Now to try and do some more research and see what I can find out about this little machine's history.
I took measurements and it is the same size as a Singer Featherweight 221 machine and about the same weight. It measures approximately 12" x 8" .
I was under the assumption that only Singer made a "Featherweight" type now to hit the internet and do some research......

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  1. Wow, that is a nice one. Can't believe it is that portable if you want. Where will you find room? ha!


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