Friday, March 30, 2012

Read the Fine Print!

Ok, I should have read the fine print.... I saw this book on a local auction website... and yes it said "Big Horse Book"... but I thought 'big' as in the kind you would put on a coffee table... not make a coffee table out of! Gary thought it was hysterical and offered to attach legs to the book... (make mental the fine print!).

Saturday, March 24, 2012

OOPS! Another One!

Ok, I know I said (awhile back) I was not going to buy anymore vintage sewing machines.... butttt......

It's all Gary's fault! haha! While out and about we stopped off at the local Goodwill store,,,Lo and behold Gary spotted this Singer 403A... and well as you can guess... it is now in my collection of over 2 dozen machines. But here is the kicker.... $14.95 yep! and it works wonderful... It sews smoothly... and I love the vintage '60's cabinet. Now I have 2 Singer 403A machines in my collection. I am on the look out for a Singer 319 and then I can put my sewing machine addiction to rest! Maybe! lol!

I finished up this kool mono-chromatic rag rug in black/grey & white. It actually turned out better then I expected. I enjoy crocheting just never know how they will turn out.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tickle Pink...

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For those of you who know me,,, know that I love vintage Bark cloth & 'Tickle Pink' dishware by Vernon~ware/Metlox pottery kilns.... In fact I love just about anything 1950's to mid 1960's...
There is something comfortable about 're-visiting the mid-century decor and life style.... Maybe for me it's because my father was career Military and we moved every 2 years from Germany to the US and back to Germany... so I never got to set 'roots' and we traveled light... I never got to experience that "Mayberry" hometown where you could go up to Granny's attic and dig up old hats and what nots to play collecting all these goodies fills that void.
I go gaga over Lucite grape clusters, and then there is my vintage Irons, Mixers & Sewing machines and ever growing collection..... Poor Gary, he had no idea what he was getting into when he met me back in High School..... but alas, my Prince Charming has stuck by me, through thick, thin & hair brained collections,, truth be known,, he has as much fun collecting as I do!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Old Girl Needs A New Home.

This is our 1954 Chevy Bel Air..... she is a good old girl...(picture of her back in Calif.)

We have been her home for the past 7 years. When we lived back in Southern California it was fun to drive her to Starbucks, sit out on the patio with other vintage car enthusiasts and share stores about our old cars....kind of a old car bragathon! lol!

Can you see her smiling? She knows she is a Hot Looker!

and no, this angle does not make her butt look big! lol!

She has quite the sassy hips, don't ya think!

Here she is with her 'older brother' a '55 Chevy which is owned by my husband's brother, Jim... guess owing old Chevy's runs in the family!

To old gals out for a Sunday afternoon ride. So long ago....

But, Gary's and my lives have changed. We are busy taking care of and improving 5 acres of dirt. I am out camping as much as time (& $$$) will permit in the summer. Gary's always on his tractor or fixing sprinklers or planting trees and fighting off gophers from our newly planted trees...(when he isn't at the office) and now, we have a horse & are thinking of adding a couple of goats to our family farmette. Since we no longer live in sunny warm (9months out of the year) California.... we don't take the '54 out much anymore. She stays covered, napping in the ManCave all but a few days out of the year....
So, sadly we are thinking of putting her up for sale,,, but she has to go to a good home... someone who will love her and treat her like a lady and keep in mind that she is 58years old gal,,, just like me... and at this age we have aches and pains but with an occasional aspirin, and some kind words she (& I) will purr like a kitten as well as 'Keep On...Keeping On".....

This year we both are turning 58,,, maybe we'll celebrate our birthdays together...
In the mean time I think I will go out and visit with her today,,, see how she is doing.... maybe take her blanket (car cover) off & tell her Spring is almost here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lunch Date with my Girlies!

Today was a fun day with my grandbabies and daughter,,,,as they always are....

We made a trip into Spokane to shop at Trader Joes but first we had lunch at a cute little retro type dinner.. Admit it,,, aren't my grandbabies the cutest!?! (Proud Grandma here) :>)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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I received the 2 bandanas (right side) from CeeJay so I pulled out my 2 bandanas (left.side) and thought how fun it would be to make a quilt with these.... hmmm, I think I might have to start collecting them...

and yes,,,you can still find them 'Made in the USA!.....

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tomato Delight!

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Last night I cooked dinner for our German~American Society/club.... I ended up cooking dinner for approximately 73 people,,, Thank goodness I had my trusty side kick, Gary to help me as well as two wonderful clubmembers, Robert & Dawn to help me get every plate set up and served....
This was the salad, Tomato and mozzarella topped with bacon bits, olives, sesame seeds and a drizzling of Cesar dressing,,, OMG! so yummy!
The main course was Chicken Pommedorie... and from the looks of the empty plates at the tables... everyone enjoyed their meal. I know I loved it!
I did bring my camera to take photos but was soooo busy I never got a chance to pull out my camera,.. so tonight I made the salad for Gary and I for dinner, and snapped a picture before we ate it... and yep, still Yummmyyy!

Saddle Soap & Boots!

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Yep, tomorrow is 'work boot' polishing day,,,, my ranch boots are getting a little tired looking...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wash Day....

OK, I may make my own laundry deterg.... but, I draw the line to using one of these! lol!
While reading an old 1962 Frontier Times magazine ( it takes me awhile to read a!) I came across the article for an old Sears & Roebuck ad.
Thank goodness for electricity & Whirlpool! lol!

Sunday,,, Oh Deer!

Gary & I were out & about on Sunday.... over in Medical Lake,,,,when we spotted these guys!

We haven't seen many deer this past Winter,,,, and yet our neighbors across the road said the deer frequent their back property ( they have 600acres of trees)... We did see 2 Doe's in our other neighbors driveway the other night.... We know the deer have been on our property as we have found tracks and deer phoo,,,, It's always a delight to see the "Rats with Antlers" in our neighbors fields and not chewing on our fruit trees and plantings,,, heck the moles & rodents do a good enough job chewing on our plants (roots),,,, Where is a Falcon/Hawk when ya need one?

Friday, March 2, 2012


I got to spend time with the grand babies today... a "Play Date".... and as always, they love to get into the clothes pin bag,,,,but they call them 'pinchies' and they have a blast with them!

Jaja & Leilei help each other attach the 'pinchies' on each other.

Next thing I knew, they had attached the 'pinchies' to their toes and started walking around with them.....

After they got board they decided to move on to the "Cat Condo" much to the chagrin of Peekie. Miss Dolly went into hiding when my babies came over,,,,, Before long 'OPA' came home & relieved me of baby duty so I could go 'powder my nose'....since I never want to leave the girlies unattended.. not even to 'powder my nose' LOL!

It's amazing how quiet this house can be and then when my 2 little baby girls come over, the house if filled with dancing and squealing and 'Pinchies'! lol!

OPA & OMA are German terms for grandpa and grandma.....

Thursday, March 1, 2012


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What do you do with old and sometimes broken jewelery? why you create new jewelery!
I wish this photo had come out better,,,but I combined an old turquoise necklace, some amethyst beads and fresh water pearls to create this necklace and bracelet... I love pearls and I think the combination of pearls and turquoise is really "Me"! I added a few amethyst beads as well as some Aurora Boralis beads for that little pop of sparkle!

I think this will look cute with a cashmere sweater & Blue Jeans....