Friday, March 2, 2012


I got to spend time with the grand babies today... a "Play Date".... and as always, they love to get into the clothes pin bag,,,,but they call them 'pinchies' and they have a blast with them!

Jaja & Leilei help each other attach the 'pinchies' on each other.

Next thing I knew, they had attached the 'pinchies' to their toes and started walking around with them.....

After they got board they decided to move on to the "Cat Condo" much to the chagrin of Peekie. Miss Dolly went into hiding when my babies came over,,,,, Before long 'OPA' came home & relieved me of baby duty so I could go 'powder my nose'....since I never want to leave the girlies unattended.. not even to 'powder my nose' LOL!

It's amazing how quiet this house can be and then when my 2 little baby girls come over, the house if filled with dancing and squealing and 'Pinchies'! lol!

OPA & OMA are German terms for grandpa and grandma.....


  1. Goodness, Gracie the girls are growing up waaaay to fast....and such adorable cuties!!

  2. Ha ha ha! I love that they find so much joy and fun with those "pinchies"

  3. If they aren't the cutest! They've grown so much! They were just little the other day and now look!
    I love to see children playing and using their own imaginations. It's healthy for them!

  4. Oh my Grace! They are so darling and growing like weeds! What fun you all must have with them!


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