Monday, March 19, 2012

The Old Girl Needs A New Home.

This is our 1954 Chevy Bel Air..... she is a good old girl...(picture of her back in Calif.)

We have been her home for the past 7 years. When we lived back in Southern California it was fun to drive her to Starbucks, sit out on the patio with other vintage car enthusiasts and share stores about our old cars....kind of a old car bragathon! lol!

Can you see her smiling? She knows she is a Hot Looker!

and no, this angle does not make her butt look big! lol!

She has quite the sassy hips, don't ya think!

Here she is with her 'older brother' a '55 Chevy which is owned by my husband's brother, Jim... guess owing old Chevy's runs in the family!

To old gals out for a Sunday afternoon ride. So long ago....

But, Gary's and my lives have changed. We are busy taking care of and improving 5 acres of dirt. I am out camping as much as time (& $$$) will permit in the summer. Gary's always on his tractor or fixing sprinklers or planting trees and fighting off gophers from our newly planted trees...(when he isn't at the office) and now, we have a horse & are thinking of adding a couple of goats to our family farmette. Since we no longer live in sunny warm (9months out of the year) California.... we don't take the '54 out much anymore. She stays covered, napping in the ManCave all but a few days out of the year....
So, sadly we are thinking of putting her up for sale,,, but she has to go to a good home... someone who will love her and treat her like a lady and keep in mind that she is 58years old gal,,, just like me... and at this age we have aches and pains but with an occasional aspirin, and some kind words she (& I) will purr like a kitten as well as 'Keep On...Keeping On".....

This year we both are turning 58,,, maybe we'll celebrate our birthdays together...
In the mean time I think I will go out and visit with her today,,, see how she is doing.... maybe take her blanket (car cover) off & tell her Spring is almost here.


  1. She is a total beauty...I've seen her hips...they are not big!

    My family owned a 56...turquoise and white...she was a beauty.

  2. Oh, Kat, we almost bought one last fall but it was misrepresented...made us very sad. My DH would be interested if you really are thinking of parting with her, it would be a wonderful present for his bday. And since we are a bit older, we would take very good care of her.

  3. Look how cute you are!!!!!! Love that car! Lucky me, I got to see it in person!


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