Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunday,,, Oh Deer!

Gary & I were out & about on Sunday.... over in Medical Lake,,,,when we spotted these guys!

We haven't seen many deer this past Winter,,,, and yet our neighbors across the road said the deer frequent their back property ( they have 600acres of trees)... We did see 2 Doe's in our other neighbors driveway the other night.... We know the deer have been on our property as we have found tracks and deer phoo,,,, It's always a delight to see the "Rats with Antlers" in our neighbors fields and not chewing on our fruit trees and plantings,,, heck the moles & rodents do a good enough job chewing on our plants (roots),,,, Where is a Falcon/Hawk when ya need one?


  1. We haven't seen to many deer this year. The dogs pretty much keep them out of the area.

  2. I love animals but in this neighborhood everyone feeds the deer and they are all over the place. There was even one in my garage one day when I came home. They think I'm mean because my dogs scare them away. They even complained about the dogs barking at them! I garden, they don't and I don't think it's healthy to encourage them to depend on "handfeedings" then they just have to bring in sharpshooters to thin the population. I'm more into leaving the natural world alone as much as possible and out of my yard too! LOL!


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