Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Proof that I was at the PSS

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Ok, Thanx to Juli, I have proof that I was here,,,or there,,,or somewhere in Idaho! haha!

I was taking a tour of Juli's trailer and I can tell you it, is so darn cowgirl cute!

PSS-SOTF in McCall, ID.


These are just a few pictures of the fun I had recently at the Ponderosa Sisters Stampeed in McCall, ID.
The first picture is a clever idea of using a stepstool for a table.
Picture #2 is of a handful of us gathering up as we head out to go home. There were 7 of us trailers taking over the 395....from Idaho to Oregon to Washington.
Picture#3 is the SOTF Banner and #4 is a pic of my "little Twinkie".
#5 is some gals practicing their fly fish casting and in #6 some of the gals are checking out the goodies up for auction, which by the way generated $8.000.00 for the Susan G. Korman Breast Cancer Foundation. And last but not least a cleaver way to hide ones 'chamber pot'. Wish I had thought of it.lol! To get a closer look of the pics just click on each picture.
I did have one of MaryJane Lee #595 & myself, in aprons,,, she looked great but I looked like a frog so I am not posting that picture, haha!
Inspite of the king sized misquitos we had a great time.
Wish you all could have been there.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Saturday at the Farm Chicks Antique Show

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Well Saturday was the 'Farm Chick Antique Show' and it was such fun (which means I spent lots of money) lol!

Friday night a bunch of us had dinner at Clinkerdaggers in Spokane.... what a beautiful view we had of the river and what fabulous food!

In the picture (lft to rt) is Amanda, Heather, Judy, Christina,

In front is ElleynAnne and myself.

EllynAnne sold out of all the books that we had on stock, Wow! that was a great success.

Just goes to show, women still love the connection to aprons and the warm memories aprons bring to us. As EllynAnne always say's, 'Tie one on ~ an apron of course!"

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Beginings of "Lavender Grace Farm"


Well, it is finally coming to fruition, my small lavender farm. My darling husband worked up the soil and got 20 plants in the ground today. I have 42 more plants waiting in pots, hopefully they will get planted by this weekend I plan to buy 40-60 more plants with in the next 3-4 weeks.

I can hardly wait to see those busy little honey bees a buzzin around my lavender...I'll keep you updated as we progress here at 'Lavender Grace Farm'.

Follow Your Dreams

An Easy Hat Holder To Make


I Love hats, be they vintage, new or eclectic. I currently own 28 wonderful hats. I would love to buy lot's of lovely hat stands but they can cost a tidy sum ,so as any creative woman would do, I made my own!

I found these wooden paper towel holders at the local Dollar store and as you can see in the photo, I painted them then I wrapped scrap fabric around some left over poly-fiber fill and with glue gun in hand I added trim, ta-dah! instant hat holder. You can cut the little peg off or leave it as I did to hang a necklace or bracelet from. (click on pic for a closer look)

Now it's your turn to make a hat hold...