Sunday, September 28, 2014

My lil Peekaboo~kitty

I just love my lil Peekaboo-boo... at 13 she still acts like a prissy princess, spoiled rotten and knows how to manipulate both Gary and I.
 sleeping ever so sweetly... on her 'princess kitty pillow'.
 umm, did I smell tuna!
I swear, all I have to do is just 'think' about going into the kitchen and both she  and Dolly~girl will wake out of a coma and race me to the kitchen! Needless to say, they love 'treats'.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

One of those Dayz!

I was having a "One of those Days" last week,,,  and could not find a single piece of chocolate hidden anywhere in the house... so I whipped up a batch of scones... I soooo needed that!
Comfort food may not be good for the waist line,,, but... sometimes you just need some comfort food... that being said, scones with lemon curd was my 'go-to' comfort food.
So what's your comfort food to get you through a tough week?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where's Waldo and a Bear...

 Remember the "Where's Waldo" books (in the 1990's).... well, here is 'Where's the Praying Mantis!
 I was trimming around one of my lavender plants when lo and behold, look who I found...
 Hubby and I commissioned a local carver to carve us a Bear for our driveway...
 Our 'bear' is holding a solar light stick in his raised arm, so at night we can see him...
I love his sweet face.... it is hard to see, but he has glass eyes....

Friday, September 5, 2014

Book Page Marker and Salsa....

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The other day, while spending time over on 'Pinterest'...(way to much time!) I came across some fun wool craft ideas.... So today, while waiting for my salsa to simmer,,, I did some stitching...
I created a little 'page minder' from bits of scrap wool and ribbon... and of course,,, what would a wool, or any project for that matter, be, with out a yoyo or two ... hahaha!
Very easy peasy project and perfect timing.... because I finished up the last stitch when my buzzer went off.... Woolie done! Salas done!
I managed to can up 14 pint jars of zesty salsa.... oh Yummalisciousness to the tenth factor!
yes I know there are only 13 jars here... that's because hubby dearest and I had to sample the salsa so we  sacrificed jar number 14 for the task... sooo worth it! Thank goodness I bought 2 bags of tortilla chips!  Oh and just a little fyi,,, salsa makes a great salad dressing that is zesty and low in calories.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Peddlers Faire & Woolies....

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I went to the Peddlers Faire this weekend and found a few goodies....
not sure what it is,,, but I just thought it so cute...  2 wash rags crocheted together and attached onto an oval wooden hoop... maybe a clothes pin holder? or something for the bathroom to hold goodies or ???
Orphaned jewelry... and here is the kicker... the small bluish erring (center  left)... well guess what? I had one that was an orphan, so now I have a matching pair! How's that for a $1.00  ??

Last but not least... Woolies... I found this cute pattern called  "Waiting for Santa"... wool felt project...
I just had to put my 'spin' on the pattern,, so I made one with burlap and the other wool on wool. But the pattern called for French knots for the snow ball heads,,, I used seed beads & a Bugle bead for the nose... I also used red seed beads for the 'berries;...  Not sure which I like best... hmmm....