Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Good Morning from my Kitchen Window...

Good morning dear friends,,,, this is the sweet view from my kitchen window....
and this is the view as I walked around the house this morning... sorry the photos are not real clear, I was out taking photos at 7:30 when the morning light was uber bright!..
It was such a nice morning until
Aacckkkk! we had a Deer attack!  Darn it! How can such a sweet looking creature evoke such anger and frustration in a human?  I was almost thinking,,, Venison for dinner wouldn't be so bad! lol!
 let's see.. they chowed down on 2 of my sunflowers,,,,
 ate all the leaves around the plums, and the birds are doing their damage to the plums that the deer haven't eaten... Seriously Birds??? ya gotta peck at each plum? can't you just eat 1 whole plum???
 one of my sweet roses,,,, yes they got to all of them,  this was the worst of the rose damage...
 my darling Hibiscus is now only a foot tall of branches...
  and this is what the rest of my roses look like...

So... I have lived in the 'Burbs"... no gophers, ground squirrels  no raccoons and no deer!

I have lived on the West Plains (wheat farm land) of Eastern Washington... where I learned that gophers, ground squirrels and deer will desimate a garden over night... so hubby built me a 20 X 30 garden with a 6ft tall fence around it... And I did container gardening... haha! stick that in your pipe and smoke it you little vermants!

Now I live in the mountains of Central California and I get to add raccoons to my list of most hated!
I see a totally fenced in garden next year.... yet another 'Honey-do' project for my dear hubby.

Oh and did I mention the deer stripped my almonds trees bare? Yep!

So I have 2 options,,,, hit a Martini Bar and drown my Garden sorrows... or,,, deer, raccoon and  rodent proof my garden for next year! ... hmmmm, thinking, thinking... lol!
So, How was Your morning?