Friday, July 31, 2009

This is newest little dolly, who will be going to her new home soon. To a very special Blue eyed, Blond haired big~little girl...she and this dolly are very special to me.
Meet Lucy & Ethel at the Chocolate Factory...

My latest apron creation.....this fun apron was made for the Apron Swap that I am in. It will be going to the East Coast shortly.
I did not have a pattern so I used one of my aprons as a template to make this apron.
I made the apron ties extra long so the wearer can wrap it around & tie in front if she desires.
I sure hope she likes it....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lessons in Life!

Our lil Scooter...probably should have named him "Speedy" cuz that little stinker can disappear on you in no time fast!
Ok, Lessons in Life...
#1 If you let your tortoise 'graze' in your garden,,,hoping he will snack on the lettuce & broccoli, think again...he will head for your Sweet Peas, carrots and other delicate plantings!
#2 If you are wearing shorts, do not stand next to your kitty who is rolling in the cat mint/nip getting schnockered... cuz it is certain that she will roll over & wrap all 4 paws around your leg & shred your leg like a shredding post! Ouch! pass the band-aids please!
#3 Be sure to savor a yummy piece of Dove chocolate w/almonds with your glass of red wine....I know, it's not evening here yet but it is somewhere! LOL!
Oh and sure to read the "thought for the day" on the inside foil wrapper. Mine said:
"Smile when you want to, Cry when you need to, Laugh whenever possible!"
I am Smiling! how about you?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



I really SCORED big time!
My mother came across these 2 crocheted aprons that are in very good shape! I am so in envoy of the ladies who hand crocheted these sweet aprons. Oh if only I could crochet like them. I am guessing that these two aprons are mid-century given the size and popularity of crocheted aprons from the 1940's-1960's
Then today after running what seemed like a gazillion errands in town I treated myself to a quick "Stop & Seek" mission at one of the local Thrift Shops in Spokane. I can still hardly believe it, I got these 17 hand crocheted pot holders for $1.99
They are all in nearly perfect unused condition except for 2 of them that have small little yellow spots on them.
While at the Thrift Shop an odd thing happened....I had come across a Samsonite Train Case in very good condition for only $2.99...I was excited to bring it home, and decoupage it like I did with my other I set it in my cart. I shopped a bit more then went up to the register to pay. As I was unloading my "finds" I discovered that the Train Case was not in my cart! OMG! someone took it out while I was not paying attention...I had parked my cart a couple of times, & with my back to the cart was looking at some sheets for future rag I guess the lesson I learned today is,,,never turn your back on a great find or your shopping cart! lol!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

MaryJane's Farm... "Farm Fair" Weekend

Dinner at "Lenny's" Italian Restaurant in Cheney WA.
Me(grace) Rene' & Bev...we tried to smile but the sun was in our eyes....

I love this picture of the old turn of the century flour mill & vintage mid-century trucks.

What a wonderful weekend Bev & I had at the MaryJanesFarm...Farm Fair ... "Buggy, Barter & Boogie" weekend....It started off with Bev~beehavenmaven flying in from Pennsylvania to stay & visit with us.....then a giggle fest & dinner with MJF gals from Oregon & Washington to be followed with a nice glass of wine at Karen~kpaints beautiful home.
On Friday Bev & I had a relaxing afternoon at Michelle~huckleberrywine's property, where we visited with Michelle's horses, hubby & sweet daughter, oh and of course enjoyed some of Michelle's wonderful wines of which I now have 3 new favorites,,,,huckleberry, Lilac and Strawberry-honey...Now I am hooked, I want to try my hand at wine making....

Friday evening was a light dinner in Coeur d'Alene, ID. a quick window shopping trip and then over to the MaryJanesFarm Store for a meet-n-greet of farm gals and their hubbies too!
Saturday Bev & I loaded up the jeep & buggied on down the Palouse, hwy27 to see what goodies we could find oh and find we did!
I bought a vintage Sears & Roebuck ironing board, a vintage 50's child electric iron but my best find was a vintage ornate cast iron radiator which I will paint glossy white, put a glass top on it and use it as a side table in my guest room...hubby was a little less then pleased & still wonders about my sanity,,,but oh well, he loves me just the same & if I play my cards right, he will help me sand down & paint my radiator....giggle giggle!

Sunday Bev & I attended the Settlers Creek event in Idaho. It was so nice, relaxing, cute & yet didn't feel hurried....We had fun chatting with the other farm gals, tasted organic wine, beer, tofu and the always popular "Kettle Corn" yumm! I love kettle corn.
Lunch was all organic, the veggies, beef-kabobs and even the dessert-strawberries & creame over fat shortbread cookies..

The music was delightful and it was wonderful to hear MaryJane read to us about following our dreams....oh and Rene', you nearly had us all in tears with your genuine heartfelt gratitude...I have to say, I could never have pulled off such a wonderful event as you did, and to think, this was your first time doing this....Hugz & Kudos to you, Sista'.

But as all fun weekends do, it came to an end,,,,Bev & I lugged our tired bodies & found treasures back home...Bev flew back to PA. the next morning and I went back to my world of weeding, watering & playing w/my kitties, oh and cooking dinner for my wonderful hubby who survived on a weekend of leftovers & frozen meals...he is such a trooper.

I wish I had taken the time to take more pictures but I was having to much fun spending money...LOL!
I am looking forward to next years event....guess I had better start saving my money now! lol!

Keeping Busy...with another project.

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As if I don't have enough projects waiting to be completed....but I am smitten with the idea (aptly 'stolen' from one of the classes @ the MaryJanesFarm store in Coeur d'Alene, ID.)lol!
It will be decorated with lace trims, hankies, vintage buttons and what ever other farmgirl glam I can find...I already have the perfect lamp base, crystle of course, and the spot ....just got to
"get er done"....

Friday, July 10, 2009

And The Winners Are!!!!

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Thanx to all who entered my little blog drawing...
And congrats to the following who won....
Please email me with your mailing address so I may send your little prize...
And the Winners are....
#1-Quilt kit~ Kristen Sherrill
#2-Needle work kit~ Linda aka Yarnmama
#3-Apron kit ~ Kay B.
I hope you will enjoy your little "kits".