Saturday, July 11, 2009

MaryJane's Farm... "Farm Fair" Weekend

Dinner at "Lenny's" Italian Restaurant in Cheney WA.
Me(grace) Rene' & Bev...we tried to smile but the sun was in our eyes....

I love this picture of the old turn of the century flour mill & vintage mid-century trucks.

What a wonderful weekend Bev & I had at the MaryJanesFarm...Farm Fair ... "Buggy, Barter & Boogie" weekend....It started off with Bev~beehavenmaven flying in from Pennsylvania to stay & visit with us.....then a giggle fest & dinner with MJF gals from Oregon & Washington to be followed with a nice glass of wine at Karen~kpaints beautiful home.
On Friday Bev & I had a relaxing afternoon at Michelle~huckleberrywine's property, where we visited with Michelle's horses, hubby & sweet daughter, oh and of course enjoyed some of Michelle's wonderful wines of which I now have 3 new favorites,,,,huckleberry, Lilac and Strawberry-honey...Now I am hooked, I want to try my hand at wine making....

Friday evening was a light dinner in Coeur d'Alene, ID. a quick window shopping trip and then over to the MaryJanesFarm Store for a meet-n-greet of farm gals and their hubbies too!
Saturday Bev & I loaded up the jeep & buggied on down the Palouse, hwy27 to see what goodies we could find oh and find we did!
I bought a vintage Sears & Roebuck ironing board, a vintage 50's child electric iron but my best find was a vintage ornate cast iron radiator which I will paint glossy white, put a glass top on it and use it as a side table in my guest room...hubby was a little less then pleased & still wonders about my sanity,,,but oh well, he loves me just the same & if I play my cards right, he will help me sand down & paint my radiator....giggle giggle!

Sunday Bev & I attended the Settlers Creek event in Idaho. It was so nice, relaxing, cute & yet didn't feel hurried....We had fun chatting with the other farm gals, tasted organic wine, beer, tofu and the always popular "Kettle Corn" yumm! I love kettle corn.
Lunch was all organic, the veggies, beef-kabobs and even the dessert-strawberries & creame over fat shortbread cookies..

The music was delightful and it was wonderful to hear MaryJane read to us about following our dreams....oh and Rene', you nearly had us all in tears with your genuine heartfelt gratitude...I have to say, I could never have pulled off such a wonderful event as you did, and to think, this was your first time doing this....Hugz & Kudos to you, Sista'.

But as all fun weekends do, it came to an end,,,,Bev & I lugged our tired bodies & found treasures back home...Bev flew back to PA. the next morning and I went back to my world of weeding, watering & playing w/my kitties, oh and cooking dinner for my wonderful hubby who survived on a weekend of leftovers & frozen meals...he is such a trooper.

I wish I had taken the time to take more pictures but I was having to much fun spending money...LOL!
I am looking forward to next years event....guess I had better start saving my money now! lol!


  1. That was such fun and it was GREAT to meet you and the other gals!

  2. I would almost admit to being jealous at seeing these pictures, (looks like so much fun!), but I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful lavender and rice heat pillow- perfect for destressing when you have too many quilt orders and not enough time... you are a dear. Thank you so much!
    I will make my way out there someday... with my TAB in tow! (It 'aint vintage, but it does have AC and a flat screen!)
    Much love,


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