Thursday, October 30, 2014

Deer Crossing...

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Coming home this evening, I had to pull over several times... to let the deer cross the road.
It's that time of year that they migrate to there winter spot.
Our small lakes are nearly dried up due to the 3 year drought... so the deer are coming onto our property in search of food as well as water. I have been keeping a bucket full of water out back,,, and I have noticed the deer are even eating the bird seed out of the flat feeders... not to mention what is left of my roses and almond trees. Oh well.... I don't mind sharing...

 This last little guy has deformed, or possibly a leg that was damaged and healed crocket. But he seems to not let him bother him,,, He has been around our road for several days...

Friday, October 24, 2014

Field Trips...

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Who says you are to old to go on field trips!?!
I belong to a ladies Auxiliary in my community, here in the mountains... and we decided it would be fun to do something other then just a monthly meeting and coffee... so.. we took a field trip out to a Pomegranate farm in the next town over.
 A family owned and operated Orchard, with Almonds, Pomegranates, apples and grapes...
 and best of all, all organic... this pomme and 4 apples cost me $2 and the apples weighed in at 1lbs.
 as you can see, a whopping 5 1/2 inches... I see lots of yummy pomme seeds waiting for me.
and yes they press and sell their pomme and apple juice....
Support your local Farmers. I do.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tea Time...

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Oh My Stars!! I have discovered my newest favorite Tea....
I had errands to run on Monday,,, you know the ones... Post Office, Bank, Ceramic Studio, Tea Shop and lastly, the Market... Well what I did not realize was... it was Columbus Day,, and the P.O., Bank, Ceramic and Tea shops were closed ..  NOOOO! I was super twitterpaited!

So all I could get done was the Marketing...
Well I decided I needed a special treat to make the day not a total wash!
And this was my treat! A flavor of Tea,,( yes I must have close to 50 types of teas at home)... new to me, but this one sounded intriguing and so I placed it into my shopping cart along with the other items.
I got home later in the day as I had to get dinner started, so I didn't make myself any tea... I usually pour tea around 2p.m., as that is when I stop, catch my breath and reflect moment.... quit soothing and makes me take time for myself, to day dream...
Well, I finally made myself a cup on tea on Tuesday, and OMGeepers! this tea is just what I needed...
It is a blend of White tea, lime & cucumber peels.. so very smooth and refreshing. The smell is lovely and light.

If you like cucumbers and or limes in your water,,, you will love this tea!
And now to go finish my tea... after all, it's 5min. to 2p.m.  I am ready to go Day Dream!

Someone Gives a Hoot!

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Awww, one of my dear friends does give a hoot! well, sort of, lol! ,, she made me a sweet Hoot Owl doily.
 Is this cute or what!!??!?
it's a mix of linen, cotton and wool,,, embellished with buttons and a rhinestone leaf.
I love it!
Thank you Andrea... I truly do love it.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Re-purposed Jeans..

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At a recent outing in Ventura, there was a wee 'Craft Fair' by the beach... as I meandered through the various artists booths I spotted this delightful gentleman,,,
and what I really liked about his booth is that he re-purposes old clothing, mostly jeans... and this 'cowboy' style hat is one of the many things he makes from jeans..
'Sew very cute!  on the sides of the hat are the jean's pockets, perfect for tucking away business cards, stick of gum, or what ever... I should have bought one... but as always... I spend more time chatting with the vendors than buying,,, well sort of! lol!