Monday, April 20, 2009

Lucygrace can hardly wait for me to complete this topper.
Ok, here is a sneak peek of the Mini Memory Quilt top that I am working on...I plan to add red
4" sq corners and a cute print fabric as fill in to create a nice wall as soon as I find the perfect fabrics I will finish this cutie. I also plan to add embellishments to the boarder of the mini quilt.
I need to get this finished before I move on to my next MaryJane Farm project, Rag rugs!

Another Fun Apron Swap...

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Goodies from Mindy
A wonderful melding of vintage fabrics to create an apron.

Well today was such a delightful day.....after working and then running errands after work, I finally came home to find a box on my door step and a dozen blinking lights on my phone answering machine......not to mention a ton of emails in my in-box....somehow the word got out that today is/was my B-day..... I will gladly have a birthday everyday if I know I will get lots of chocolate! lol!
Anyways I received the box from "Mindy" from the Vintage/Repurposed Linen Apron Swap.
I was so excited to see what delightful apron I had received...OMG! it is toooo cute! I love the soft, gently worn vintage fabric used for the apron base and the embroidered cloth for the top part is so sweet. It is the perfect pairing of wonderful fabrics. I also received a fantastic cookbook and Florida linen kitchen-souvenir towel....and, and, and,,,,lovely linen napkins with the letter "B" embroidered on them, how cool is that!
I am so delighted with all my goodies. Now I must send Mindy a 'Thank you' card...although I wish I could just give her a great big hug instead,,,but alas, she lives in Florida & I in I will have to send her a hug via the U.S. postal service.
Thank you so very much Mindy. hugz

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun-MaryJaneFarm Style...

Samples of the little Mini Memorie Quilts made by MaryJane's Staff.
Julia (in green) Renee (in pink) & me/myself & I..(green & blue).
left to right, Michelle, Kelly, Renee, Julia & Rebekka...

So what happens when you combine a bunch of crafty, apron wearing farm girls together for an afternoon? You get a crazy silly gab fest with a little stitching in between! lol!
Oh my what a fun afternoon at the MaryJane's Farm Store in Coeur D'Alene, ID.
We attended a "Mini Memory Quilt" class put on by 2 of MaryJane's talented staff ladies, Renee & Rebekka who with out a doubt are talented, crafty, funny and a joy to be around.
Oh, and I will never ever be able to look at a Thanksgiving Turkey again without giggling thanx to Julia!!!! Think "Heutterite", think turkey, think road kill & supper...and you have the makings for a story that will no doubt cause you to piddle in your panties from laughing so hard....
What a great afternoon we had and we were not the least bit shy to greet shoppers & invite them over to see what mischief we were up to!
Renee & Rebekka, you both are just too awesome. The class was terrific and I look forward to your upcoming classes.
Whether you are a "Type-A' or laid back crafty lady you will love these classes. It isn't about the finished product (which we didn't finish because we gabbed way to much!) but rather the camaraderie, friendship and laughter and we had all three not to mention coffee & pastries...
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. What a great day.

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Newest Apron...

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My swap partner, Shawnee, from the 'Sassy Flirty Apron' group was my partner in a delightful Tea Apron themed swap.
Here is the ever so sweet apron she made for me in my two favorite colors, green & purple.
It is a reversible wrap apron, one of my favorite styles of aprons. The purple is a rose motif and the green/cream is a Toile print, one of my favorite types of fabrics. The "Finger tip" Tea towel has sweet little appliqued tea bags & embroidered flowers on it. Then there is the yummy Scones mix & Chi Tea as well as a awesome Tea Mug with my initial on it. The handmade card has a sweet little tea cup pin attached, which I wore to work today. Also a sweet little book on Teas....which I have read 1/2 way through. I plan to finish tonight.
I feel like such a "Farm princess", and since my birthday is in just a few days it was an even bigger thrill to open all these wonderful goodies.
Thank you Shawnee.

A few of my Neighbors...

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These guys live across the street from the Alpacas (below)

I love these goats,,,,so cute & playful!

I love driving home & seeing my "neighbors" out & about....seeing them takes the 'stress' out of a stressful day...I know I must grin from ear to ear everytime I drive by them. (click on the pic to get a closer look)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finished a few more projects...

Re-purposed apron from a bed sheet, lace & table cloth.
Re-purposed apron from vintage napkins, doilies, jewelery & table cloth.
Crochet Wine Bottle Sweater. This took me just short of an hour to crochet.
Vintage flour sack cloth stitchery....typical of the Monday-Sunday motifs.

A wonderful example of clean needle work. The back looks like a mirror image of the front.
Ok, as if I don't have enough un-finished projects on my sewing table...but I did manage to get a few more completed plus acquired some more vintage linens to add to my collection... Rainy days get me so motivated to sew...don't know why, just does.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Remember the Oscar Meyer Mobile!!!

Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener...
That is what I always want to be...
For if I were an Oscar Meyer Wiener, everyone would be in love with me!
(alt.verse: there would nothing left of me!) lol!!!

Gary & I had to run over to the "Home (Depot)Desprate" store to pick up some wood & stuff (for the trailer) so we decided to pop over to McDonalds for a quick fast food fix....
As we pulled in to the parking lot this is what we needless to say, like a couple of 9-years olds we looked both ways and then dashed across the street...
Oh My Stars! the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile! It was such a delight to see it....who would have thought it would be up here in Spokane, between McDonald's & the Safeway market in what is called "5-Miles" here in Spokane!....
Ok, so it felt good to be a kid again, even if just for a few minutes.
And now we two kids are heading out to the "Man Cave" to work on our (mine-hee hee hee) vintage trailer.

Friday, April 3, 2009

One of My Woolly Neighbors....

Daddy Bull
Father & Son

The cute little escape artist!

Wahoooo! It's official! I am a true blue "Cattle Wrangler"....well sort of,,,,, if you count slamming on my brakes, throwing the Jeep in reverse and into a farmers driveway,,,looking for someone to let them know that one of their woolly baby bull is out walking around in the road....
Turns out someone at the Ranch didn't turn the electric fence on when they let the cattle out to pasture & "baby" discovered & made a break for Freedom! lol!
I didn't want the baby to wonder out in the road & get hit by a car or worse yet wonder over to the other pasture,,,where I have seen coyotes. That sweet little thing wouldn't stand a chance.
Anyways, baby is now back with the herd and the fence is hot,,,so baby won't be getting a taste of freedom for awhile!.
He is cute as a bug don't ya think?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UFO's and More Fun Projects.

This is a sweet "Tea Pot" motif apron with stringed beads on the pocket.
And of course, everyone needs a Krazy Kat!

Peekie wonders,,, "Do these linens make my butt look big?"

Dolly~girl over seeing some of my linens.

Dolly~girl inspecting my travele case where I store some of my linens.

Ok, I am finally getting caught up on some of my UFO's....
I can (almost) see my sewing table again! lol!
I finished 2 half aprons, 3 pot holders and a decorative pillow.
But now my schedule is starting to get busy,,,between work, commitments and being a wife & mom to a passel of 4-legged Furballs, I sometimes find it hard to stay on top of my sewing projects. And as if I don't have enough projects unfinished, I started yet another one, an afghan for the guest room.
I have also started on another apron made from vintage linens. It's laid out & pinned but I need to make a trip into town to purchase the fabric for the waistband and ties.
This Friday night I am meeting up with a gal-pal for a quick dinner over at a really cute cafe called "CHAPs" over in Cheney and then we are off to another friends home for a Farm Girl get-together....which means, food, wine & gabfest! Wohoo! is it Friday yet?