Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UFO's and More Fun Projects.

This is a sweet "Tea Pot" motif apron with stringed beads on the pocket.
And of course, everyone needs a Krazy Kat!

Peekie wonders,,, "Do these linens make my butt look big?"

Dolly~girl over seeing some of my linens.

Dolly~girl inspecting my travele case where I store some of my linens.

Ok, I am finally getting caught up on some of my UFO's....
I can (almost) see my sewing table again! lol!
I finished 2 half aprons, 3 pot holders and a decorative pillow.
But now my schedule is starting to get busy,,,between work, commitments and being a wife & mom to a passel of 4-legged Furballs, I sometimes find it hard to stay on top of my sewing projects. And as if I don't have enough projects unfinished, I started yet another one, an afghan for the guest room.
I have also started on another apron made from vintage linens. It's laid out & pinned but I need to make a trip into town to purchase the fabric for the waistband and ties.
This Friday night I am meeting up with a gal-pal for a quick dinner over at a really cute cafe called "CHAPs" over in Cheney and then we are off to another friends home for a Farm Girl get-together....which means, food, wine & gabfest! Wohoo! is it Friday yet?


  1. You've made lovely aprons and striking off a few to-do's on your list is satisfying!
    Have a great Farm Girl time tomorrow.

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Love the aprons and the cute help. Can't wait to see the linen one! Wish I was so creative with the linen ideas. See you Friday! K

  3. Your projects are wonderful! Wish I had your talent....maybe I'll try my hand at sewing agan but I flunked home ech. in Jr. HI!

  4. hahaha! Carol you are too funny!


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