Monday, April 20, 2009

Lucygrace can hardly wait for me to complete this topper.
Ok, here is a sneak peek of the Mini Memory Quilt top that I am working on...I plan to add red
4" sq corners and a cute print fabric as fill in to create a nice wall as soon as I find the perfect fabrics I will finish this cutie. I also plan to add embellishments to the boarder of the mini quilt.
I need to get this finished before I move on to my next MaryJane Farm project, Rag rugs!


  1. Grace, it is precious! Love your work and it's so fun to se all your projects!


  2. Your talents are amazing! I love to check in to see your latest.

  3. Hi I saw your site on Sugar pie farmhouse forum and came by. I love your site and all the wonderful things you do. I love aprons too! We also live in Washington but over near Puyallup. It has been a long winter huh? I will come by again. God bless! Sharon


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