Saturday, May 2, 2009

Good-by April

Apron from Jessie.M It has cute whimsical cows on it.

Idaho 4-H, 1959

Well April sure went by as fast as the winds blow, and up here they really blow!
I received 3 lovely aprons this month, 2 from swaps that I participated in and one was a birthday gift from a dear sweet MaryJane Farm Girl friend, Jessie.
Thank you dear Jessie, I love it!
I can not resist sharing this little booklet,,, I discovered it while rummaging through one of my many favorite antique shops. So for any of you former 4-H gals, this should be a happy journey down memory lane. But what really got my attention, & made me chuckle, was the last paragraph, stating to "show your apron to your parents and friends, Hold your head up high, walk tall and smile" ok, this is sooooo 1950'!

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  1. So 50's is right, ha. I never did 4 H but I remember Health class, we didn't have Home Ec.


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