Friday, December 14, 2018

Almost ready to hit the Trail...

We are getting last minute "things to do" done before we head out to California to visit with family for the Holiday...
 Decorating, wrapping gifts, baking cookies etc... Ahh, the wonderful smell of cookies baking.
Even got in a little junktiquing time...
 found this fabulous 'Penguine' ice bucket! Wahoo!!!
 found a cute little ceramic trailer to add to my collection.
 love this cute child size ironing board....
 got some sewing time in too!, I made this hat and a pair of fingerless gloves, from a very shrunk down cashmere sweater...
 I also made this head band...
 and 2 scarves from another over shrunk sweater...
I love cashmere and love the scarves I make from them.
I'll have to wait until I return from visiting family before I can do anymore sewing and crafting.
Have a Wonderful Christmas...

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Winter Express...

I spent the better part of Wednesday writing out our Christmas cards,,,,, so today was go and play day!
We stopped in at 'World Market' store,,, and picked up a few goodies,,, I spotted these little carved wooden Woodland decorations,, ($39.00) and was thrilled to see them because I have one on my kitchen window ledge...
I had to switch out the lights as the one I have came from Germany, it is a sweet gift from my childhood best friend in Meimsheim.
The electrical plug/lights is set up for Euro power.. now it has an American plug.
We also we drove further into town and stopped off at the only and best German Deli in all of Spokane and stocked up on my favorite cookies. as well as European style lunch meats and cheese.
Oh Yum! I got my favorite Lebkuchen cookies, Marzipan, Topkuss, Wine/brandy beans and Pear Brandy chocolates...and lots of other goodies... I felt like I was back in Germany, with family and friends back in Flein, Leingarten, Heilbronn and Meimsheim...Germany... oh I miss being there but having German goodies makes me happy.
 oh sigh,,, I miss being in Germany,,,
 oh, and yes I bought a bottle of Gluhwein .... YUM! Gluhwein is a warmed spiced wine. with a wedge of orange in it.
.here is a quick glimpse of Stadt Zentrumm, center of town, Heilbronn... getting ready and setting up the Christmas Market.
Soon people will be strolling around the market area, buying sweet hand made ornaments and decorations as well as warm spiced nuts and Gluhwein.
Oh to be there,,,, hopefully next year.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

OOPS! I missed a few comments..

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Hmmmm, not sure what's going on, but I use to get emails when visitors would comment on my blog posts.. but have not received any notifications since November 20th..
Glad I went into my account,, and saw all the pending comments.
I thank you all for your sweet remarks.