Monday, August 27, 2007

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My darling husband, daughter & I spent a lovely afternoon at the Arbor Crest Winery, viewing antique cars and watching glass artists create lovely items, jewelery etc from glass. Oh, & yes we also sampled some delightful wine and listened to some great jazz music. "Cheers".

What a lovely view from the winery of the Spokane River and the Spokane Valley below.

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Yipppeeeee! my husbands barn/workshop is almost done, soon I can tell him to "Go to your room" when he starts getting to be a pest around the house! He is so excited because he will have a awesome go to heck woodworking room. I plan to keep him busy with a lot of "HoneyDo" wood projects!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Our new home, aka: "Little house on the Prarie". I can hardly wait for the moving truck to arrive with our funiture! Someday I hope to have a hugh field of Lavender, Sunflowers & fruit trees. That should keep me busy!
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I will miss my beautiful and faithful blooming lavender plant. My kitties loved it too. They would hide up under it for a mid-day nap, which in turn made my kitties smell wonderful! One of the negatives of moving is giving up ones garden.

Lavender scented kitties, love it!

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Here we are having our '54 Chevy BelAire loaded up to be transported to Spokane Washington. Yep, she is cool & we look forward to cruising in her next summer. There was a '69 Camero on the transporter & my hubbie tried to talk the driver into a trade, good thing I was there to stop him! LOL!!

I love this old car & my old hubby too!.

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Yet another crazy apron I am making for a project at MaryJanes Farm forum. Gee, can you tell I love kitties???

(click on the image to see a closer view.)

Fun shopping day...

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Had fun finding the
2 aprons & the soap
bottle apron at a local
vintage store in
Spokane Wash.