Monday, August 13, 2007

Our new home, aka: "Little house on the Prarie". I can hardly wait for the moving truck to arrive with our funiture! Someday I hope to have a hugh field of Lavender, Sunflowers & fruit trees. That should keep me busy!


  1. Good luck on your move!! You must be so excited.A whole new place to play with. Hope to see lots of pictures.

  2. The deck is absolutely stunning! I love all the land around your property as well. So beautiful! We miss having you guys as neighbors, but am so happy that you've found your dream home!

  3. Grace, your home is lovely....ah....I love those lavender plants....I am still benefitting from the lovely netted posey. I sniff it ever night and keep it by my pillow. Ooooo Get that lavender planted!!

    Oh, your aprons are great too. You are so, so busy!! Looks like you are going to have a huge sewing room too in your new home!!

  4. congratulations on your new home! how very nice!


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