Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Aprons Galore!

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 I had no idea,, how many apron patterns,,,
 and to thing,, the early ones were just pre-cut tissue with no markings...
 and what was popular then is now popular again...
 It was  and still is not unusual for a pattern company to re-print a patter,, but changing out the fabric and graphics...
Aprons were fashionable and functional ....
I also notice that on a lot of the 1930-40's patterns various fabric sizes were listed,,, which leads me to wonder if it was to accommodate the different sugar/salt/flour & feed sacks often used when buying store bought, on the bolt fabric was costly.
One can never have enough sweet apron patterns or aprons...  

Quilt Aprons

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I came across some UFO's,,, Un-finished objects... mostly unfinished.. lol!
These were stitched together nearly a year ago.. I finally got around to finishing them up..
 after I pulled them out of the box...
 backed and ready to use...
I love both the light blue tones  as well as the purples...
So, as long as I don't open anymore packed boxes,, I won't find anymore UFO's... Right!?!?!?!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

My 1st attempt to Crochet a scarf,,,

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Well, this is my 1st attempt at crocheting a wool scarf..
I used wool in an Ombre' color...
I am thinking of 'Felting' my scarf.. maybe...

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Crocheting more wash rags...

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I had a brunch date with some gal~pals last week,,, and not wanting to arrive empty handed,, I crocheted up 5 wash rags to place at friends place setting as a wee gift... I rolled them up and trimmed with a bit of ribbon and 2 sprigs of lavender...
they crochet up fast, while watching the Television...
Oh and also, I stitched up 6 cute lil 4th of July mini aprons for a swap I am in... now I just need to find some mini flags to tuck into the pocket...
 these are aprox 6" in size.

UFO's Pile,, getting smaller?

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OK,, I think my UFO pile is getting smaller.. hope!
I finished up 1 of the last 2 aprons I had cut and ready for stitching from 2 years ago!
yeppers! just 1 left,
last one,, and maybe, just maybe I will get it stitched up in the next day or sooo!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Are We Done Yet?

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Are we done yet??? NOT!!!
Oh My Stars,,, we still have not totally unpacked, there are so many boxes in the garage.. and no room in the house to put them! Yikes!
We either need another house,,, or less stuff! haha!
In the mean time,,, we have gotten some nice weather and have been able to get some things done around the  house and the property... This year is major clean up and new windows.
We love having 14 acres of land and are just under 3miles to our grandkiddos.
 our little 'peekaboo' kitty is 17,, she is slowing down, but still sweet as a button.
 and our Ginger is Gary's best friend... when she isn't sleeping..
 I did manage to get a little sewing in...
 and as much as hubby fusses about the horses,, he loves to feed them their daily apples.
 I machine embroidered fabric blocks and then made this little quilt.
 we bought our sweet grandson a bike for his 7th birthday.. he was grinning from ear to ear...
 lazy dog days of summer,, well maybe not just dogs,,, Peekie and Ginger enjoy relaxing in the shade while I pull weeds...
 I have always enjoyed having Dwarfs (Zwergs) in my garden...
 I even found some mini Dwarfs that are perfect for my flower pots.
 I have started a "ombre" wool scare... and I just might get it completed before Winter!
ahhh, I love Peonies,, this peony is called 'Sarah Bernhardt'
Well, I think that's it for now...
I have some mini aprons to be sewn for a swap, tomorrows project.. and maybe I will get around to doing some cross stitch.. I haven't had time to pick up my hoop and stitch in quit awhile..

Wowzers! I haven't posted since Feburary

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Ok,,, so much has happened since the New Year started..
After mom's stroke in January,, she was moved from the Hospital to a rehabilitation center... I have been flying back and forth from Washington to California monthly...I am taking June off and not going to fly back until July...
So, fast forward... mid-March I flew back again and the took mom from the rehabilitation in Palm Springs and drove her back to Newbury Park to stay with my sister for an unknown amount of time.
Mom has actually improved since she has been out of the rehab facility and living with my sister. Mom now goes to a 'Drop-in' type adult care facility.
We video conference twice a week.. so I can see mom and chat with her.
Her speech is still very minimal... but she is starting to be able to say mine and my sister's name.. what an awesome feeling it is to hear her say our names.
I hope to have more good news to report about mom's health improvement the next time I post here.