Monday, July 23, 2018

Ahh,,, Keeping Busy....

I have had time to putter in my sewing room,,, to keep out of the heat! lol!
 I found 2 of these cheesy brassy stands for $6.99 each at a local Thrift store,, Hubby dearest cleaned them up and spray painted them for me..
 I snagged these 2 silver plate food servers for $1.99 each, yep, spray painted them now they will be used at a pot luck that I am going to attend. I using a  foil cake pan for the insert on the top one.
 My son-in-laws birthday was this week, so I took one of his old T-shirts (that advertised his company) and framed it so he can put it in his 'Man Cave'...
 my unexpected sunflower in my front lavender bed.. interesting bug...
 I made this Ribbon Banner for 4th of July,,,, I got the idea from an article in the June/July Maryjane Farm magazine.
 and I started working on a flannel Rag Rug for my grand girlies bed room.
 I made this quilt apron, and another one in light blues as well, now if only I had taken a photo of the blue one!
 finally got our hay cut and baled...
we ended up with 128 bales of hay.. Yippee! I know some goats, sheep and 2 mini pigs that will really be happy!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Lavender Fest, Deer Park, WA.

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Hubby and I had a lovely day up in Deer Park at the Lavender Festival.
 Oh, can you smell the lavender?
 It was lovely and I loved watching the Bees dancing through the fields...
 they even have their own distilling area and equipment.
I even bought some chocolate lavender syrup... super yummers!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

It's July? Already?

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It's July? Already???... where did June go?
 well for starters.. I was in a 4th of July mini apron swap.. here is what we made... mine is in the top left w/the lil blue cloth pin., gold stars.
 then my daughter asked if I would crochet a rag rug for her daughters bed room.. so I cut up an old set of flannel sheets...
 now to get started....
 I also made a batch of soap sachets for the trailers... 
 shred up a bar of Irish Spring soap, and put in a fine mesh tulle netting... and tied up with embroidery floss..
 then I signed up for a Flamingo Swap...and made a sweet pink & white polka dot apron,
 I machine stitched on the flamingo and blinged it up with rhinestones..
 here are the lil goodies that will accompany the apron to it's recipient. a flaming blinking lite necklace,  flamingo ink pen, straws, stir sticks, wall hanging & tray.. Flamingos Rule!
 Yesterday I was in the mood for chocolate so I baked up a small batch of choco-mint cup cakes.. YUM!!!.
Finally, last night about 10pm, I got a wild hair,, and decided to make this lil ribbon wall hanging, to place on the front door for today, the 4th of July. I spotted this idea in a recent Maryjane Farm magazine.
Well, that's it for now,,, in the mean time, Have a Safe & Sane 4th of July.