Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Quick Update on Our World...

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Well, here is the quick update on our world,,,
1. still living out of boxes,,,
2. new flooring, counters, fixtures etc do ne... for now.. new windows will be done in late Spring.
3. hubby got a Quad Runner w/a plow attachment,, and just in the nick  of time!
4. my mother had a intensive stroke and has been in the Hospital since Jan. 18th.
    she will be transferred to a Rehabilitation facility on Feb, 16th.
5. I flew back to Palm Desert for 12 days to help take care of things for mom & papa Bob.
6. Gary took a nasty spill on the ice and bruised some ribs.
7. I returned back to Spokane,, just in time for a lovely round of snow,,, more to follow!
8. Gary's mother had a bad fall and was rushed to the hospital... Good news is, she is ok, no broken
    bones,, just a nasty gash on her head and discomfort.
9. hubby and I moved some boxes around in the garage, and took some out to the barn and we   
     managed to find more boxes with our clothing.. 
10. ordered a new bed & mattress,,, Memory Foam,, which arrived yesterday,, Yippee!
11. ordered a new vacuum which should arrive tomorrow, weather permitting!
12. Woke up to  7+ inches of snow this morning,,, so hubby plowed and I shoveled.
13. and now to kick back and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and a piece of fudge...
 Good morning....
 Yep,,, datsa lotta snow!
 Gary plowing
 Ginger looking for a 'spot'
 ahh, perfect 'spot' to,,, 'powder her nose' if ya get my drift! lol!
our drive way the day before all that snow ...
Oh and Happy Valentines Day!