Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keeping Busy...

Finally, a nice day to sit out on the balcony...
yep, another rag rug.....I luv the green & purple blend.

I finished this fun apron based on a 1925 pattern, but with a modern fabric print of bees & apples.
It has been pretty busy around here, tween co-hosting an up-coming Sisters on the Fly camping trip up here in Spokane, trying to get my vintage trailer finished & ready for the trip and working on a couple of birthday presents.
Being busy keeps me out of trouble!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Good ol' Boots!

Poor old boots.....
OK, my pic's are a bit out of order,,,but,,, like an old favorite pair of boots, we all have a favorite grubby pair of jeans, soft as a diaper and stained from gardening, wood working & trailer re-habing.... pure joy!
This years (from last years bulbs) Tulips. Pay no mind to the grass sneaking into my Tulip bed.

Don't ya hate it when your boots are ready to give up the ghost! After all, I only have 5 more pairs of boots! lol!
Well these will cost me $65 to get re-soled & heeled, but sadly they just are not worth the money to do so and yet they have been great schlepping boots.
I keep telling myself,,, "Self", make a bird house or feeder out of one and a flower(vase) holder out of the other one....but before I do, I think I will wear them a few more times, after all, they are great boots to schlep around the barn & property in... they have been such good friends.
Oh and special careful when digging while wearing your boots,,,that's how I split the bottom & tore up the heel....digging up my elderly neighbors garden for her. The ground was horribly hard!

"Gotter Done!!!!"

Oh My Word!!! I actually started & finished a project in the same week!!!
So here is the completed rag rug. It was so easy to do.Now I am motivated to make another one, in fact last night I tore up several sheets to make another one.... It's a great take along project as well as something to do when I feel compelled to watch the mind numbing boob-tube!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rag Rug Class

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Rag Rug from old cotton bedding sheets....
A very 'intent' group of crochetting ladies...
left to right: Karen, Grace, Teresa, Amanda & Vickki

Ok, so today a handful of us gals converged on Rebekkah at the MaryJane farm store in
Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.
First I have to say, "Thank you" Rebekkah, what a great job you did teaching us "Crochet hook challenged"!
What a delightful time we had trying our hand at crocheting strips of sheeting into a rug...I am not sure I am doing it correctly but it is turning out cute and I am now thinking I may have to make a few more of these as gifts.....
It really is easy and it is amazing how a really ugly sheet can turn into a really colorful rug.
Oh and of course there was the usual gabfest, coffee and then after the class we hit the Antique shops....and yes, I could not resist buying some vintage Chenille fabric(old bedspread) as well as vintage sewing patterns....It was a very productive day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who Me????

Where's da kitty?
Ok, so I was stripping up old sheets to get ready for a Rag Rug crocheting class that I am talking this coming weekend. Well my little Dolly-girl insisted on helping "her way".... I guess my crafting projects are a never ending source of fun for my girly-girls!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Good-by April

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Apron from Jessie.M It has cute whimsical cows on it.

Idaho 4-H, 1959

Well April sure went by as fast as the winds blow, and up here they really blow!
I received 3 lovely aprons this month, 2 from swaps that I participated in and one was a birthday gift from a dear sweet MaryJane Farm Girl friend, Jessie.
Thank you dear Jessie, I love it!
I can not resist sharing this little booklet,,, I discovered it while rummaging through one of my many favorite antique shops. So for any of you former 4-H gals, this should be a happy journey down memory lane. But what really got my attention, & made me chuckle, was the last paragraph, stating to "show your apron to your parents and friends, Hold your head up high, walk tall and smile" ok, this is sooooo 1950'!