Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Java Fix....


OK, so what do you get when you combine 5 funkyjunkyfarm gals together for Java?...why nothing at all except a bunch of gabby amped on coffee friends!

Today, at the prime hour of 9am me,,,, meaning Julia, Sher, Karen, myself & Heather(who was taking the picture)met up for a nearly 2hour Java fix & gab fest...much needed I might add.
We had a delightful time talking about everything under the sun and not once did any of us whine about being "Suzie Homemaker Diva's" lol!
Afterwards we took a quick drive over to see the future dream home of we are all keeping our fingers crossed that her home sells fast and that no one puts an offer in on the home she wants to purchase. Hmmm, maybe we should cross our eyes too! lol!
Afterwards we all returned to our real lives feeling happy & ready to take on what ever the day throws at us.

Oh and the pink apron is the "Famous Traveleing MaryJane Farm Apron" that has been visiting with me for the past couple weeks...Next week it will go onto another MaryJane farm girl to spend time with.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me....

I may be an old pair of boots, but with a coat of paint I can look "Groovy"....
Ok, so I may be getting older, but I can still kick butt & I have the boots to prove it!
But first I need a cup of coffee! lol!
Wowzers! when did I become XX years old?, I must not have been paying attention, but it's ok, because I have a wonderful family, sweet kitties, 2 vintage trailers & my sense of humor!
So Happy B-day to give me some chocolate & nobody gets hurt! lol!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10th 2010

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My Prince Charming took our 1954 Chevy BelAir out for a spin this afternoon.
He calls her "Christine"(after the movie) because she often times has an attitude.....todays attitude was a dead battery....oh the joys of owning an old car... This sweet kitty is the beloved shop kitty of Kelly T. at "GardenStone" in Airway Heights.
The kitty shares the shop with 2 Jack Russell Terriers, 2 fainting goats and a couple of finches.
If you are in Airway Heights, be sure to check out Kelly's shop, It is so cute & she has a Coffee bar too! I know I will be there a lot! So long Starbucks, Hello Kelly!
1515 S. Lyons, Airway Heights, WA. 99001 (Behind Stimson's Pole Barn Company.)
Ok, today a few of us gals met up for lunch and gabfest....
Lets see, we talked about aprons, junktiquing, food, junktiquing, our hubbies, junktiquing...hmmm, did I mention junktiquing? lol!
left to right...Rene, Grace (me), Timmy, Donna & Heather.
Ok, truth be known, Rene, Heather & my husbands were there, they just dodged the cameras.

hahah!, just like junior High School, girls on one side & boys on the other!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Dream a Little Dream...

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Dream #1...
My next home.....
(am Bodensee~BDR~ Germany)
Dream #2
My next garden...
(King Ludwigs Castle)

spending time with my childhood best friend, shopping, walking & remembering the fun things we did as kids.....
(Wurttenberg~BDR~ Germany)

Dream #4
Spending time with my husband & best friends in Germany...

Yep that's my sweetie, Gary, in the green shirt, our old friends, Wilfried & Irmgard, and me on the right...yep me & my famous "Lady Clairol" red hair...
I miss my best & oldest friend Irmgard....we have known each other since we were 11 years old.
My mother, sister & I were living in Germany in the mid 1960's with my "Opa" grandfather who lived next door to Irmgard's family...instant best friends..BFF....
I guess I am a little homesick...hopefully I will get back to Germany next year to visit Irmgard & my family...
I miss our walks, our talks, sharing a glass of wine & friends bring the best out of us...thank goodness for the Internet where we can chat daily, exchange pictures of our families and share a tear or two with the loss of a dear one.
Thank goodness for the blessings of friendships, be they next door or halfway around the globe.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy April...Welcome Spring.

Ok, I wonder "WHO" has been grazing on my Tulips!...hmmm,
Oh 'Deer' they have eaten many of my tulips! Little Peekaboo letting me know that the "Cat Crossing" sign is tilting....
Another Apron Creation.....I had fun making this apron with some colorful fabric I won over on the "Flirty Apron Swap"...
Thank you Betty over at
you can click on the pic to embiggen the picture....
So what do You do with found vintage jewelery? Mine decorates my fridge...
Fridge Bling of course!