Friday, August 26, 2011

OK, Got a Few Things painted Today...

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Isn't it amazing what a calm (not windy) sunny day and a can of spray paint will allow you to do!
By the way, my fingers and nails are a nice shade of red and blue!
I found this 'brassy' mirror tray at a yard sale and the wee little frame at a thrift.
Instant cute!

I disassembled this brass letter holder that was given to me.... out came the spray paint & Voila'

Here is the red letter holder....and as you can see I had fun painting a bunch of little mini plastic frames and a tarnished cheap silver casserole holder as well.

I love spray paint.....

Like Daddy said, "If it moves,, Salute it...If it don't,, Paint it! "....

I needed a way to hang & dry my freshly painted frames & found the perfect spot..actually I kind of liked the way the tree looked with them hanging. Wish I had more frames, I just might have left them there for awhile!

We had a late frost this year and it killed the graft on this tree,,, but we have new growth down at the bottom, so for now this tree will have to settle for decorations instead of leaves! lol!

Use it UP!

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I was de-budding some of my dried lavender bundles this morning when gathering up the dried stems to put out by the fire pit, to be used as kindling and fire scent, it occurred to me,,,, I wonder how many other gals know to do this? To use the dried stems as kindling.
I use jute twine to tie my bundles together. Then I dry my lavender in small bundles so it dries faster then larger bundles.

Then I just toss the small bundles & jute right into the fire pit..... easy peasy....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sign of the Economy Still Sluggish....

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Another home, back to the bank......a sign that our economy is still struggling...
When I take the back way into town I pass this house.... then one day I started to notice,,,I hadn't seen the 2 black dogs around.....later I noticed a pile of trash along side the house.....

Now the roof is showing wear from wind damage, and the screen doors are off and the weeds are growing up around the once was well manicured home. Also the boat that had been parked out to the left side behind the garage is now missing....So I decided to pull around toward the front side which looks horribly forlorn and run down. Even the Realty sign is hanging hap hazardly from it's post.... I decided to see what the house was listed for,,,and the Realty company listing the house had closed down...and the listing has been I am thinking it is a foreclosure...

How sad... it was once a family's home,,,complete with a basketball hoop attached over the garage.

I hope our economy turns around soon, it's sad to think how many other families have succumb to foreclose and have/are losing their homes and memories.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

End of Season....

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Well it's almost the end of season up here and a lot of the farms up here are trying to get in a second cutting... I watch daily the farms across the road and alongside us with their cutters and balers out working sun up to sun down....
Today they were out cutting between us and our neighbor Jim. It's been in the high 80's and very windy, which is a big concern for grass fires. Gary keeps out property brush hogged regularly to keep us from danger of grass fires.

Our neighbor across the road already have theirs baled and ready for pick up.

What are you watching these days?

(click on the pics for a better view)

Class of NPHS 1972

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Newbury Park Panthers ~ "Black & Gold".

Well hubby dearest returned from his trip back to Newbury Park, to attend his 40th high school reunion.... and guess what? next year is mine!

So now it's time for my high school co-horts in crime to get busy with organizing our 40th.

I started a seperate blog just for our reunion, a site where classmates can go and get updated information and tidbits of classmate history. Check it out!

GO Panthers!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summers Winding Down

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As Summer winds down, Scooter is 'bulking up' to get ready for his Winter Hibernation.

My Hollyhocks were kind of squatty this year and they are finally blooming!

OOPS! my 'Black Eye Susans' really aren't growing!

It's kind of sad to see my flowers fade away..... I watch my tortoise getting ready for Winter and I too am foraging for 'projects' to keep me busy this Winter.

I Think I am in Over My Head!

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Ok, I found this cool old mid-1960's television/cabinet....I am thinking it will make a cute "Wine Cabinet" yesterday I totally gutted it, took all the innards out... now I just need to remove the glass and then put in new inside paneling & a rack to hold the wine glasses and then I can either decoupage the top, or tile the top or?????? thinking thinking.....

This chair is going to get a coat of flat white paint and then I will cut out a piece of wood for the seat, cut out the center to fit a large flowerpot,,, and maybe plant an itty bitty Gnome garden...

These are future "To Dos" to keep me creatively creating! lol!

Oops! out of sequence...but this is the future "Wine Cabinet", very mid-century modern and very 'Koolamondo' if I do say so my self.!

We bought this chair last year at a local Antique shop.... I love it,,, it sits low and is a rocker... I call it the 'Grandma comfy rocker'.... it has good bones underneath... I was going to try my hand at re-upholstering it but I think it might be beyond my skills so I will call around to a few Upholstery shops in town to see what it will cost to have it done.

OOPS! forgot (again) to upright my photos.... duh! Anyway, more "To-Dos" to be re-purposed , painted and what ever. I want to spruce up this darling dresser along with the sweet little nightstand(with glass knob) and then put them in my guest room. The little white shutters will get painted and then I will put one set in my Trailer #3..not sure what to do with the other set. Oh Well...I am sure it will come to me! The red tin is a vintage bread box which will go in Trailer #3 as well...and I recently came across 2 little old record players, the tan one and a blue one that is hidden behind it... I also have a box of 'stuff' to be painted...cuz like I always say.... 'If it moves, Salute it... if it don't...paint It! ' lol!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kat + Chaps = Mischief!

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Dolly~girl is a constant source of entertainment...... and mischief!

I was polishing the silver Buckle on my chaps and Dolly had to investigate....

...uugghh! don't 'cha just hate 'cat hair on your Chaps'?

Thank you, Diane....

Oh My Gosh! look what came in the mail????
I received these 'lovelies' from Diane VH, from over at the MaryJane Farm forum....
We met at a recent farm girl tea at Maryjane Butters sweet Organic Farm and I had spotted this wonderful Cowgirl cookbook in the possession of Karen~kpaints...Karen had received it as a prize from Diane...well I made such a fuss about 'permanently borrowing it' from Karen if she didn't keep it under lock and key... lol!
Diane emailed me and said she had a spare copy and the next thing I knew... in was in my post box along with the Cowgirl Coffee and the sweet "FiFi Poodle" table scarf...OMG! I feel like I have won the Lottery,,, well almost! lol!
I LoVe my goodies & I love that a fellowette farm girl thought of me in such a sweet way.
Thank you, Diane... farm girl hugz...
Now to fix myself a pot of cowgirl coffee and get to reading! :>)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

1964 Magazines

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What do these two 1964 magazine have to do with my trailer blog? Well they are from 1964 just like Trailer#3, my 1964 Fleet Craft, who I named "Farm Girl on the Loose". I am on the search for more 1964 items for my trailer to use for deco. I am also searching for 1963 items for my Serro Scotty and 1959 items for my Aljo. I love a good Quest!

Look What My Mommy Sent Me!

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Look what my mom sent me.... lots & lots of Eyelet lace trim.... I can hardly wait to put them to fun use!

Mom also sent me all these needlework items....

Mom volunteers at a Senior Thrift store...and they get alot of this type of stuff in... but sadly they don't sell well.... Mom paid all of $6.00 for the stash of needlework items and even less for the lace. SCORE! Thanx mommy.... :>)

Look What I Found!

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I found this wool/flannel crazy quilt at a 2nd hand store... for 99cents.

I washed it twice and dried it.... it held up wonderfully. Now I plan to remove the pink yarn ties
and replace with brown ties. It will be a lovely addition to my vintage Aljo trailer.

The brown plaid reminds me of my Pendleton jacket..... Someone probably saved up all their wool & flannel clothing scraps and put the pieces to good use....but sadly someone didn't appreciate this dear old quilt,,,,not now has a new home and will be used with love.

I Think I Might Have to Sell Some RagRugs...

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I just got off the phone with Brenda,,,one of the most sweetest ladies you could ever want to meet... she is planning on doing a 'vintage/antique/craft show' for the weekend of Aug 20th and she is planing to have another one around the weekend of Sept. 17th.... and she has invited me to put some of my crafted creations and antiques in her Sept. show..... thinking, thinking.... sure would be fun and a whole lot less painfull then 'giving blood' to raise fun money! lol!

Anyways, check out Brenda's blog at:

Hmmm, I just might have to make some more rag rugs!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Resident....

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This is one of our newest residents.... We find all kinds of wild life up here on our property...from Coyotes, Deer, Badgers, Porcupines, Eagles, very big Owls, all types of birds from Hummers to Hawks to Bluebirds and our latest little guest... this little pygmy bunny...s/he was hiding in my garden behind some potted cute.