Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Think I am in Over My Head!

Ok, I found this cool old mid-1960's television/cabinet....I am thinking it will make a cute "Wine Cabinet" yesterday I totally gutted it, took all the innards out... now I just need to remove the glass and then put in new inside paneling & a rack to hold the wine glasses and then I can either decoupage the top, or tile the top or?????? thinking thinking.....

This chair is going to get a coat of flat white paint and then I will cut out a piece of wood for the seat, cut out the center to fit a large flowerpot,,, and maybe plant an itty bitty Gnome garden...

These are future "To Dos" to keep me creatively creating! lol!

Oops! out of sequence...but this is the future "Wine Cabinet", very mid-century modern and very 'Koolamondo' if I do say so my self.!

We bought this chair last year at a local Antique shop.... I love it,,, it sits low and is a rocker... I call it the 'Grandma comfy rocker'.... it has good bones underneath... I was going to try my hand at re-upholstering it but I think it might be beyond my skills so I will call around to a few Upholstery shops in town to see what it will cost to have it done.

OOPS! forgot (again) to upright my photos.... duh! Anyway, more "To-Dos" to be re-purposed , painted and what ever. I want to spruce up this darling dresser along with the sweet little nightstand(with glass knob) and then put them in my guest room. The little white shutters will get painted and then I will put one set in my Trailer #3..not sure what to do with the other set. Oh Well...I am sure it will come to me! The red tin is a vintage bread box which will go in Trailer #3 as well...and I recently came across 2 little old record players, the tan one and a blue one that is hidden behind it... I also have a box of 'stuff' to be painted...cuz like I always say.... 'If it moves, Salute it... if it don't...paint It! ' lol!

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  1. Wow, that will about cover all this winter's projects...ha!


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