Friday, August 26, 2011

OK, Got a Few Things painted Today...

Isn't it amazing what a calm (not windy) sunny day and a can of spray paint will allow you to do!
By the way, my fingers and nails are a nice shade of red and blue!
I found this 'brassy' mirror tray at a yard sale and the wee little frame at a thrift.
Instant cute!

I disassembled this brass letter holder that was given to me.... out came the spray paint & Voila'

Here is the red letter holder....and as you can see I had fun painting a bunch of little mini plastic frames and a tarnished cheap silver casserole holder as well.

I love spray paint.....

Like Daddy said, "If it moves,, Salute it...If it don't,, Paint it! "....

I needed a way to hang & dry my freshly painted frames & found the perfect spot..actually I kind of liked the way the tree looked with them hanging. Wish I had more frames, I just might have left them there for awhile!

We had a late frost this year and it killed the graft on this tree,,, but we have new growth down at the bottom, so for now this tree will have to settle for decorations instead of leaves! lol!

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  1. Bless me! Loving the spray can! I have so much to paint but not the time! lol Make up for me! I know you can do it!


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