Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun Little Things to Craft...

 In a recent Country Living magazine they did a craft idea for old T.V. Trays....
 I love the idea so much so,,,that I snagged one of my old T.V. trays, printed up some Glamping photos, got out the Mod Podge and started decoupaging.... after if was dried, I sprayed the tray several times with poly-varathane and added a few blingy rhinestones... now I have a cut little tray that will serve as a table for my little 'Farmgirl on the Loose' trailer...  Hmmm, now to find some more T.V. trays.. to make some custom trays.... gotta love decoupaging!   I know I do!
 As for old Whiskey/Bourbon glass decanters... I can never have enough of these... they make perfect little gifts for friends.... I fill them with scented bath salts and add an additional topper that can hold a tea lite candle.....
 I also bling up the top,,,,as for the 'candle holder' topper, I can find them at the Thrifts anywheres from .49cents to .99cents.... I can usually find old decanters at Thrifts anywheres from a couple of dollars to $20.00 (for real crystle) and the bath salts can be bought at just about anyplace, including those everything under a Dollar type store.....
 I re-purpose old jewelery, doillies...even yoyos!  It's all about what makes you happy
add a little scrubby puff, lite the tea lite candle and relax as you soak in a wonderfully scented bath or just use as/in a foot spa ... my personal favorite!

Lookie Lookie...

Lookie Lookie....
 I must have spent 20minutes looking for Dolly~girl,,,only to find her nestled in under my afgahn....Next time I will look there first! lol!
 Lookie Lookie,,, baby brother is standing...nay... walking! yep.. he now has another mode of transportation... crawling and walking!  Love-it!
 Lookie Lookie... craft day at the Lutz's....

What I didn't show you... is the 'after' photos.... where Leilei, Jaja and I had paint all over our faces!

Patty's Apron...

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I re-purposed some fabric (from curtains that I made for my Scotty trailer) and made it into an apron for my dear friend Patty...(who now has the curtains in her trailer).... now she will blend in, in her trailer! lol!
The pockets are big enough to hold just about anything.... Luv it!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo OP!

Ok, so the Hub's & I were at lunch Saturday afternoon and couldn't resist....
We were at 'ZIPS' for lunch when in walks a Carl's JR employee...
Haha, what's that tell you?...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Where Have I Been?

 Some of you have been emailing me, asking me if I dropped off the planet... nope! just a little trip to Portland, Oregon to visit my 'Girlie'....
( p.s., I scored these 2 matching kiddie luggage's,, to which I will be collecting and filling with goodies for my two little granddaughters.....)
 I flew down to Portland to visit my 'Girlie' at Horsey Boot Camp.....where she currently is living with her Foster mommy (and trainer).... and yes I did buy a new fly mask complete with ear guards for to hit the post office and mail it to her.
 Aliens? or just a goofy photo of Girlie and me.....
 Patty & I took a break so she could have me pose for this photo... Girlie looks great,,, if only I could feel comfy in front of the!
 Speaking of comfy....after a nice ride,,, a nice rest on the porch works!
I returned home Saturday afternoon and look what arrived later that day.... yep, 70 bales with 14 more on the way! One thing nice about living out in the country with farming neighbors....they are always happy to just drop off your load at no extra cost...gotta love good neighbors...and super duper farm equipment...

Container Gardening.

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I am trying a new approach to gardening...using cast off tree containers....and it seems to be working!
I buried the containers 2/3 of the way into the ground, filled them with a mix of soil/sand & Alpaca pooo and my plants seem to be pretty darn happy! And So am I!
 Yep, complete with a 'Flower Bed'.... Calandulas and Marigolds.
 The tomatoes, onions, snow peas & potatoes are doing great! The bell peppers,,,are a bit sluggish...
 Meet Scooter, our 'Weed management Control' Supervisor...   :>)
These photos were taken around the beginning of July... now everything is doubled in size... and I just harvested some tomatoes and snow peas!  Color me Happy!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Is it a 'sleep stupor' or a 'coma'....
 either way... my two furbabies love their kat~naps...
Wish I could be that relaxed!  lol!

Needed a 'Sew~Fix'...

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I needed a 'sewing~fix' today and this is what I came up with...
I love 'searsucker' fabric and it worked perfect with this tropical print fabric.. I call it my "June Clever Goes Tropics" apron,,, as in a lot of the old Leave It to Beaver TV shows,,,June wears these over sized pocked aprons,,, with pearls and heels of course!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

So True!

I think I am having one of 'those' days! lol!


 I so love these sweet plastic deco items for the bathroom....all sweetly blinged with flowers and rhinstones... and I actually do use these in my camping trailer...
 I love this 'aquarium rock' art (as I call it)... I found this last year and the colors are perfect!
I spotted this old pink radio, the innards were non functional so I pulled them out and now use it to hide the 'ipod'.. so I can play music and it sounds like it is coming from this old radio. koolieo!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Hair!

OK, this photo is for Karen...see Karen, I am finally getting use to having short hair again!  lol!

Decanturs Make Great Candle Holders

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Awhile back I found an old Whisky Decantur at a local Thrift,,to which I glued on bits-n-pieces of lace  and broken jewelery, then filled the decantur with colored turned out cute and so I always keep my eyes open for more decanturs...well I found another one!
 but I also found a candle votive holder as well for only 49cents,  the decantur was $2.99
Noticed what I did? I took off the old top and replaced it with the votive my plan is to fill the decantur with colored sea salts, and cap it with the votive holder and a candle in cute!

Vintage Hallmark Card

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 Oh how sweet is this card... even the texture of the paper is sweet...
I love the comment about "And Dad's looking more like himself everyday'... super sweet!
What I found interesting is that this early 'Hallmark'  card was copywrited '1941 by Hall Brothers, INC. '