Monday, July 16, 2012

Where Have I Been?

 Some of you have been emailing me, asking me if I dropped off the planet... nope! just a little trip to Portland, Oregon to visit my 'Girlie'....
( p.s., I scored these 2 matching kiddie luggage's,, to which I will be collecting and filling with goodies for my two little granddaughters.....)
 I flew down to Portland to visit my 'Girlie' at Horsey Boot Camp.....where she currently is living with her Foster mommy (and trainer).... and yes I did buy a new fly mask complete with ear guards for to hit the post office and mail it to her.
 Aliens? or just a goofy photo of Girlie and me.....
 Patty & I took a break so she could have me pose for this photo... Girlie looks great,,, if only I could feel comfy in front of the!
 Speaking of comfy....after a nice ride,,, a nice rest on the porch works!
I returned home Saturday afternoon and look what arrived later that day.... yep, 70 bales with 14 more on the way! One thing nice about living out in the country with farming neighbors....they are always happy to just drop off your load at no extra cost...gotta love good neighbors...and super duper farm equipment...


  1. Great looking you and horse! Sounds like you're lucky to be able to find hay, as some people are having major trouble finding ANY, with farming failures...

  2. Great pics! Love the update on where you've been.

  3. What do you mean practicing without me? Looks like a lot of fun...can't wait to see the new do!!


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