Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29th 2009


Yes, today is March 29th,,,,,and this is what we woke up to......SNOW!
According to the weather reporter we have broken the record last set in 1949 by 2/10th of an inch and we are expecting a few more days of snow...oh joy!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Fun Apron Swap...


I finished participating in another fun Apron Swap. This one was a "Tea Apron" swap.I finished the apron, packaged it up with some goodies and sent it off on it's way to my wonderful swap buddy, Shawnee.
In her bio-info, she mentioned that Cherries is/are one of her favorite fun themes to use for decorating.
I really enjoy the apron swaps that are hosted by both Shawnee & Lucy. They take turns hosting various Sassy Flirty Apron Swaps. They do a wonderful job setting up, organising & hosting these fun swaps. They both are wonderful Apron Wearing Swap Mamas....
Trying to keep 100 crafty sewing ladies on target and on time is a phenomenal task! And they do it so well.
Hugz to them.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ok, so while Dolly has taken up 'Squatters Rights' in our bedroom, Peekaboo has done likewise but in the guest room.....but I do have to admit, the coverlet makes her look soooo sweet.!
It's funny, she always likes to snuggle with Lucy~Grace.
So where does your kitty sleep????

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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Everyday when I get home from work I find our bed mused up.....hummmm, I wonder who the culprit is....
Ah-ha! Case solved.....Dolly-girl....she loves to snooze tween the pillows...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Farm Girl Friendship....

Suzie~cheneygirl, Sher~rooted-rover, Karen~kpaints, Amanda~firemama, Grace~katmom
Just a little snow!!! ya think? Airway Heights, Washington. 03.09.2009

Well here it is, March 11th, still got snow on the ground but at least it has not snowed for 2 days!
As you can see from these last 2 pictures,,,Monday, March 9th-Mother Nature played yet another cruel trick on us...again!!!
But today the sun actually poked it's head out...making for a perfect Farm Girl get together...
So, that being said, Suzie, Sher, Karen, Amanda & I (Grace) had a nice friendship day....
Karen, Sher, Amanda & I met up at the Ben Franklin store in Cheney, in the Fabric section,,, and after looking at my receipt, I think I did the most! Did I really need to buy all this fabric and yet another pattern??? Oh, you betcha"!!!! lol! (just don't tell my darling hubby...)
Then we snuck over to "Del's-Farm & Feed" to surprise Suzie and we did!...I thought Amanda was going to go home with an arm full of itty bitty baby chicks.....hmmm, maybe we should call her "hen-mama" instead of "firemama" hahaha!
After we finished & almost buying all the items on sale, oh wait,,,,that would be me again! lol!
We went over to Starbucks for coffee & zero calories dessert....we chatted and learned about each other and my "bad driving habits"...
After that we went to a little 2nd hand shop found a few trinkets & then Karen gave us a quick tour over at Washington State University....
Then it was time to hug & say good by till our next get together.
What a fun day, good friends, good shopping, good coffee and good weather.
What more could a farmgirl ask for!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting some UFO's finished...


Well here are a few more projects that I finally finished up,,,but my pile of UFO's doesn't seem to be going down! lol!
I am not into the Primitive/Americana decor, but I just liked these & they were fun to make,,, and after all I am Proud to be an American" so come July I'll have my cute Red/White & Blue decorations.
I also had fun making the "Hanger Jacket" filled with lavender from my garden. I made 2 of these, one for me & one for a friend. I made them so that I can slide them over a hanger. These are not for hanging clothes on but rather to keep the closet sweet smelling & moth free....
And of course,,I just had to post a picture of one of my sweet babies..Peek-a-boo.
(be sure to click on the pic's to get a closer view)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Look what Hubby Bought me....


Well how many gals can brag when their darling husbands go out and buy them a new Vacuum Cleaner and Sewing Machine in the same day....

My sweetie bought me a super "Air Way Sanitizer" Vacuum Cleaner...circa post war 1945ish and sure enough the vacuum really sucks! no really, it sucks,,,really! It works like a dream..a bit heavy to lug around...but I could see myself in a sweet vintage June Cleaver dress, a cute apron, heels and a strand of pearls...smiling all the while vacuuming my humble abode!!
Then he bought this really awesome Singer 301 sewing machine (1956). Not only is it in great condition sews marvelous darling!!! I am tickled pink 'cuz it's portable like a Featherweight. So far I have tested it by sewing 6 layers of fabric and it didn't even hesitate and I haven't even cleaned & oiled the machine yet.
Hub's researched the machine in the internet & found that a lot of Quilters like using this old machine...Even saw a few on Ebay selling in the $100 to $300 price range...wowzers!

I think I just may have to go sew an Apron or lap quilt on it just because I can!