Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Look what Hubby Bought me....

Well how many gals can brag when their darling husbands go out and buy them a new Vacuum Cleaner and Sewing Machine in the same day....

My sweetie bought me a super "Air Way Sanitizer" Vacuum Cleaner...circa post war 1945ish and sure enough the vacuum really sucks! no really, it sucks,,,really! It works like a dream..a bit heavy to lug around...but I could see myself in a sweet vintage June Cleaver dress, a cute apron, heels and a strand of pearls...smiling all the while vacuuming my humble abode!!
Then he bought this really awesome Singer 301 sewing machine (1956). Not only is it in great condition sews marvelous darling!!! I am tickled pink 'cuz it's portable like a Featherweight. So far I have tested it by sewing 6 layers of fabric and it didn't even hesitate and I haven't even cleaned & oiled the machine yet.
Hub's researched the machine in the internet & found that a lot of Quilters like using this old machine...Even saw a few on Ebay selling in the $100 to $300 price range...wowzers!

I think I just may have to go sew an Apron or lap quilt on it just because I can!


  1. Oh Gracie, what a lucky gal you are and to be spoiled by Hubby is even better! Gary is a keeper! Now how cool is that the vacuum sucks and the sewing machine works! LOL! They are both really cool looking. I at first thought the sewing machine was a Featherweight. I have seen quilters here in town use that kind of sewing machine to quilt as Gary said. You must be as tickled pink as your "Tickled Pink" dinnerware!

    Big Hugs,

    P.S. Grace, when I was up shopping with you last year, it seemed everything you touched turned to gold and worked! Remember that cute little mixer to add to your collection worked like a dream!!!!

  2. Wow! What a guy!!! And then to get on the internet to study up on it....unreal. Don't let that one go....Looks like you are having fun. Karen

  3. Isn't it great to have these men in our lives... (most of the time anyways) He did good.. Nice sewingmachine.. & vacumn. Now does he know how to use them too?
    I just found your blogsite. I was added to the followers list!

  4. Wow, he really outdid himself!! What a lucky girl you the sewing machine. BTW....saw your adorable little train case in the new MJF mag. I guess I will need to bring that along to get a very special autograph from my sweet friend Gracie!! Hugs to you!

  5. Wow Grace, y'all have the best finds out in that part of the country!! What a deal on that machine....and that vacuum is over the top!!....way to go.

    Queen of Dreamsz

  6. Had to laugh at your June Ceaver times have changed...aaaaaaahhh I really miss those shows! That's kind of telling my age, huh? Have fun with your new machines....

  7. Me again..noticed that you were born in Stuttgart. I was born near Heidleberg in a very small town.
    Came to the US in 1959 (when I was 9)
    and have basically lied in Washington State since.


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