Saturday, March 7, 2009

Getting some UFO's finished...

Well here are a few more projects that I finally finished up,,,but my pile of UFO's doesn't seem to be going down! lol!
I am not into the Primitive/Americana decor, but I just liked these & they were fun to make,,, and after all I am Proud to be an American" so come July I'll have my cute Red/White & Blue decorations.
I also had fun making the "Hanger Jacket" filled with lavender from my garden. I made 2 of these, one for me & one for a friend. I made them so that I can slide them over a hanger. These are not for hanging clothes on but rather to keep the closet sweet smelling & moth free....
And of course,,I just had to post a picture of one of my sweet babies..Peek-a-boo.
(be sure to click on the pic's to get a closer view)


  1. Now that is pure contentment! lol If I slept that way I would never get out of it....:D You sure are a busy little bee. I must get on my UFO's today as the baby shower is this Saturday. Oh, my, oh, my....

  2. Peek-a-boo is sleeping in my bed! LOL! Love your guest room Grace and thankful to you for having me come visit last summer! I tell ya, I slept like a baby in that cozy bed! Now Bev gets to!

    Hugs, Maryjane


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