Saturday, January 31, 2009

I had Fun!!!!

Crochet Envelope, courtesy of Lion Brand Yarn. Plus wonderful MaryJane Farm Chocolate

SOTF Stocking

Ok, so I just HAD to give it a try,,, here is my version of the crocheted envelope w/chocolate...
Instead of crocheting a little pink heart I added a red yoyo....
I also had fun "designing" my prototype stocking for the 18 stockings I will be making for a Sisters on the Fly gathering that Tammy, sister #119 & I are co-hosting......

Who say's stockings are for Christmas only!!! lol!

"Sisters on the Fly,,,, making Girls outta Women,,, we have more fun than anyone!"

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lion Brand Valentine Envelope


I was just navigating through Lion Brand Yarns Web Site when I came across this cute envelope idea.... it is sooo simple.Here is the instructions as best as I can supply.
per the instructions, the exact gauge is not important to this project

ENVELOPE SQUARE: Use white or cream colored or even pink yarn for the envelope.
Chain 26.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across for 25 sts.Repeat each row till the piece measures about 6 1/2 in. (16.5 cm) from beginning.
Fasten off.
To make the HEART decoration...Use red or pink or what ever color you want.
Now chain 4.
Round 1: 2 dc in 2nd chain from hook, hdc in next chain, 3 sc in last chain; working along opposite side of beginning chain, hdc in next chain, (2 dc, slip st) in last chain.
Fasten off.
To FINISH...Fold Envelope Square into an envelope shape by bringing three corners together at center. Sew corners together. Sew Heart to joined corners. Weave in ends. To look like an envelope.
Hmmm wouldn't a 'heart shaped yoyo' look cute in place of the crocheted heart?
Perfect way to send a sweet Valentine to that someone special.
The Lion Brand site has some wonderful free crochet & knitting patterns.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Love Ironing Aprons....

Gary having fun on his ATC...
Little Peek-a-boo watching over my little apron.

Crazy for Polka Dots....

Sweet little homemade apron...

I really do love ironing my vintage aprons...when ever I add a new-old apron to my collection, I hand wash it in lavender water and then hang it to dry. But ironing it is when I get to bond with it, to see all the little stitches, tiny tears & stains. I enjoy looking at how it was constructed, and wonder who the Mystery seamstress was that loving created this apron. Was it a Home Ec project, a gift for a special someone or just an apron for the sewers own use?
I have well over 80 aprons in my collection, some vintage, some new, some store bought & some hand made. Each one is so very dear to me.
I recently attended the "Washington State Quilters" quarterly meeting when a dear lady who new I collected aprons brought me a bag, & in the bag where 3 darling aprons. She said she new I collected them and came across these at an Estate Sale, the 3 cost her all of a dollar! How sweet of her to think of me, to buy them for me.... see, "Apron Strings", tie us together in friendship!.

While in my sewing room today, I heard a familiar sound, one I haven't heard since this past summer....I guess my dear husband just couldn't wait for Spring to go play so he went out to his ManCave, got out the ATC and played in the snow....I was content to play in my sewing room, Thank you very much! lol!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Travele Train Case....


I am almost finished with my latest project....I bought a "American Tourist" train case at a local thrift shop for $3.00... and with some gift wrap, decoupage' medium, varathyn & assorted trims and is the case now...almost completed...I ran short a strand of faux pearls to glue to the bottom side of the burgundy ribbon. So in true crafter fashion, hubby & I will make a mad dash over into Spokane to "Joanns Fabric" to pick up some more pearls so I can finish my case.
I have two other cases that I decoupaged (several years ago) and I use them for stashing goodies like crochet hooks & yarn as well as unfinished cross stitch projects.
My new Train Case will have a new home in my trailer "Gracie-Girl".
I have decided on a 'Vintage Victorian Outdoors Woman' theme for my New-Old trailer.
This is such a fun project. You can do a vintage theme, a retro theme, a pet theme or what ever.
But the best part besides being an inexpensive project, is it makes for a cute storage case.
(as always, you can click on the picture for a better -larger- view)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Frosty Days around our Farmette...

Lavender field
Frost on the fence

2 of my 20 frosty fruit trees.

I was heading out to the Gym ( to undo all the damage that the Holiday foods had done, lol!), anyways I could not resist taking a few pic's of the frost around our property. You can see the direction of the winds from the frost. I certainly never experienced this in SO. California.... The last few days have been dismal with no sun, only fog. I will be glad when Spring brakes through.
At least I can see some of my lavender plants I just hope this frost did not do any damage to them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Apron a Day Keeps the Blues Away!

Peekie & her favorite apron... A great way to re-purpose old skates....

While Gary & I were out & about today running errands and searching out hinges & knobs for the restoration of my little Mid-Century trailer, we managed to sneak in a visit to one of our favorite antique shops in Spokane.
While I could have walked out with a ton of "goodies" I showed great re-strength and only walked out with a cute apron....I do not have anything like this one in my collection, which by the way is growing like crazy. I love the pockets on this apron and so does Peek-a-boo!.
I also found these not so vintage ice skates but thought they would make a great way to display some silk flowers I had stashed away.
I am thinking about spray painting the skates in a Holiday Red color, add a lite touch of glitter & some ribbon in place of the shoe laces.... and then place Poinsettias & Holly in the skates....what do you think?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1 Yard Apron

Pink Pillowcase Apron
Red Valentine Apron

Hmmmm what will this be when I am finished ????

While visiting one of my (many) favorite apron/sewing sites I came across this "1 Yard Apron" tutorial on "Shawnee's" is such an easy apron to stitch up in an afternoon.
All one needs is 1 yard of scrap fabric or in my case 1 queen size pillow case & some scrap fabric or a fat quarter.
I like making my ties long enough to wrap around & tie infront of my aprons.
I embroidered my name (in case I forget who I am! lol!) on one pocket and a bird & leaves on the other. I am still learning how to embroider with my Brenina Embroidery machine.
I like my aprons a little longer so I made mine longer by lengthening the bottom ruffle by 2 inches.
I was so delighted how the apron turned out that I wore it that night while baking a casserole for my husband. I'm such the "Suzie Homemaker". lol!
I made the red Valentine Apron for another apron swap that I am in....I used the same
"1 Yard Apron" method.
I love sewing Aprons, they are functional, fun & flirty. They don't require a ton of fabric, can be as fussy & fancy or simple, easy & utilitarian....You can even make a cute easy peasy half apron from a 1/2 yard of found fabric. Then gussy it up with scrap buttons, yoyos etc....
The ideas are limitless...
Hmmmm, I have a nearly new/hardly used make-up case/train case (which I bought at a 2nd Hand Store for $3.00)...some heavy gift wrap, some glue & decoupage' medium... hmmmm.....wonder what it will be re-purposed into when I am done! Guess you'll just have to come back to my blog later this week to see!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome January

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Well, we seem to be past the worst of the Snows that we had here in Spokane...Thank Goodness!

Here is a picture of poor Gary shoveling snow off the roof of our home...I was inside double checking all the "clauses" in our insurance policy to see if "sliding off roof & breaking body parts" is covered! lol!

So, am I the only goofy person who loves knitted/crocheted socks & booties???? My mom sent me these booties that are crocheted from 3 Granny Squares & 1 larger double crochet square...I think they are cute & yes I wear them, have them on right now!

Well yesterday after a moderate work out at the gym, I rewarded myself with some "Thrift Shop Retail Therapy" and look what I found.... books, vintage canning jars & lids & yep, yet another sewing machine....I paid $7.50 for this machine....I am starting, nay, I HAVE run out of places to put all these machines,...might have to try & talk hubby dearest into building me a little(or not so little) guest/sewing cottage so I can put all my sewing goodies out in & on display! lol!

Well, as for the weather, other than being bloody cold & horribly windy, it has been tolerable...I am now looking forward to some Spring/Summer of which is a Sisters on the Fly Camping/shopping weekend in June! Wahoo! There are 17 of us so far and what a great group of ladies to camp with. It will be fun to re-unite with the "sisters" and our vintage trailers. I just hope I can get "Gracie Girl" up & ready for her debut!
If you click on the pics you'll get a better look and as always, thanx for dropping by...

Friday, January 2, 2009

(Don't) Let It Snow!!!!


Welcome to Grace's "Lavender Grace Farm" least I think I still have 100 lavender plants under all that snow!....
Here we are, the 2nd day into 2009 and we are still up to our eyeballs in snow!

The cute little music box, Wooden Woodsman and Yodeling Beaver are from my dear childhood friend, Irmgard. When I lived with my "Opa" in Germany, Irmgard's family lived in the same apratment building. We became the best of friends and 32 years later we are still best friends.