Friday, January 2, 2009

(Don't) Let It Snow!!!!

Welcome to Grace's "Lavender Grace Farm" least I think I still have 100 lavender plants under all that snow!....
Here we are, the 2nd day into 2009 and we are still up to our eyeballs in snow!

The cute little music box, Wooden Woodsman and Yodeling Beaver are from my dear childhood friend, Irmgard. When I lived with my "Opa" in Germany, Irmgard's family lived in the same apratment building. We became the best of friends and 32 years later we are still best friends.


  1. Hey Grace, Way too much snow!!! Those lavender plants will probably give you a bumper crop this year. :0)

    Have a great week!
    Queen of Dreamsz

  2. Oh my, Grace...that sure is a lot of snow. I am sure your lavendar are toasty warm beneath that beautiful white blanket!!

  3. although you must be is soooo beautiful...the crisp white snow its just amazing!!! oh honey i loved seeing your christmas photos...yes i am going to quartsite...i am so excited to meet all the az sisters...what fun it looks great! thank you for swingin by and sharing your sweet memory...what a great memory of ol' mum and your ol' blue jeans...huggs sister cat#997


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