Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas After....2008

Ok, so in spite of all the snow that we got this month we still had a wonderful time....
Good food, wonderful family and lots of laughter filled our home. Even our pets had fun!
A few days before Christmas, my daughter, Meri, and I made a made dash into town (Spokane) and I took a few pictures while she drove. All in all, even though it was a wee bit of a 'white knuckle' drive the snow looked charming, everything was blanketed in glistening snow.
Our 4-legged fur babies had fun too! "Fillster", one of Meri's kittys, was so excited about Christmas that he could not control himself wanting to help open packages....'course, some of the packages had cat mint, ya don't suppose that was what was exciting him do ya!?!
Peek-a-boo has a new "secrete hiding spot", well maybe not so secrete, but I wont tell her!
With these long cold Winter nights I thought a practical gift for Meri & her hubby would be "Union Suits"...hmmm, I don't think they shared my "practicality" but we all got a good giggle out of it....
My talented daughter knitted the blue & brown purse for me...I love it and it has the most sparkly Bee broach attached. Speaking of hand made gifts, (my favorite thing to receive), I received a "Bev Original" sweet apron & matching pie tote....I have already put both to good use. Hugz to Bev. If you want to see more of her creative hand work check out her blog listed in my favorite places to visit under Bee Haven Maven, it's so worth the peek.
Ok, those of you who know me know I LOVE silly socks.....the sillier the better! So unlike a normal woman of my age, (29 and fibbing!) I wore a pair of socks with my shiny red peep-toed shoes...hey it's a girl thing ya know!
I could not resist being a bit silly with poor Dolly-girl, I don't think she appreciated my silliness but oh well....
From our home to yours, may you have a Safe and Happy New Year.


  1. Wow, will ya look at all that snow!! You definitely had a White Christmas. We had a wet Christmas! I just love the purse that Meri made you...especially that bee brooch!! Glad you got use of the apron, Gracie...a special gift for a special friend! Happy New Year to you and Gary and the furr babies. Love ya!

  2. What beautiful Christmas pictures. Love the Christmas socks - and you can never have too many pair of them since there are soooo many days before Christmas to wear all of your holiday finery! The snow looks beautiful, and only a tad bit cold. Stay warm and I hope you and Gary and all of your wonderful family have a Happy New Year's.



  3. Sweet pictures Grace of a wonderful Christmas! Peek-a-boo looks so cute hiding! LOL! Meri is very talented, love that purse! Wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with lots of blessings...maybe for starters, some sunshine! xo



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