Thursday, December 18, 2008

(Don't) Let It Snow!!!!

Spokane traffic thanks to massive snow...

Our front somewhere under the snow....
Our back deck, notice the snow...hahaha!

Let it Snow, let it Snow, let it Snow....
Well Gary & I had to make a run into Spokane (yesterday) and of course it was the beginning of what turns out to be a record breaking snow fall for December 17th in Spokane history, 17" inches.... and we got to experience it first hand! Oh Joy!!!!
When we finally made it home, white knuckles and all, Gary had to pull the snowplow out to clear our 200ft driveway. We were having company for dinner and wanted to make sure they could make it onto our property as well as out later that evening.
Poor Gary was up at 4:30 this morning and out on the plow again at 5am clearing the driveway so he could make it into work. It took our Son-in-Law 1 1/2 hours to drive into work which normally takes about 20 minutes. Nearly half of Spokane is closed down. Schools, Government buildings, businesses both small and large. They are even saying if you do not have a four-wheel drive vehicle or chains, then stay off the roads. Even the Transit systems (city buses) have been crippled, many of the buses were getting stuck in snow and large big rigs are spinning out in town. Not a good few days here in Spokane.
Even the Airport is open, but no flights in or out.
North Idaho is getting hit equally as hard....if any of you Southern States could send us some warm weather, sunshine what ever, we sure could use some! lol!
As for me & the furbabies, we think today is a perfect baking, sewing day, maybe even just a good snuggle by the fire with a good book day. Hopefully the weather will calm down by early next week. So keep your fingers, legs & eyes crossed for us!


  1. Hi Grace,

    How beautiful your yard looks with all of that gorgeous snow......too bad it makes it so hard to get around. See what happens when you leave sunny SoCal? You don't have to contend with the wild fires, smog, traffic on the 101, floods and earthquakes.....instead you get to enjoy the beautiful lavender and wide open spaces! Feel better?

    The pictures are great. For more snow pictures check out SOTF Sister Suzanne's blogspot - - she is at her cabin in Big Bear and ohhhhh!



  2. Yikes....hope you have lots of cookies to get you through this one!!

  3. Oh Gracie, that is CRAZY!!!! 17 inches!!! My goodness! Hang in there my dear! Hope your lavender makes it through to spring! Now about the sunshine...we have had some really strong storms coming through and more to come! It it really cold here for So. CA! Snow on the mountains and at low levels! My, what a cold winter!

    What a beautiful white Christmas! Enjoy!



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