Sunday, October 28, 2018

Remember Butter Dishes?

When I was a child growing up,, I remember mama leaving the butter out on the counter, in a covered butter dish..
Then somewhere as I grew up,, we were brainwashed into keeping our butter in the fridge..
My sister and I were talking about this the other day and wondered why??? if it is covered and not out in heat , ,, why not keep it out... After all, that's how we grew up with it..I remember mama leaving it out not just in cooler seasons, but even in summer... and here we are, still alive. lol!
So I went out and bought a new butter dish...
Yeepers! farm kitchen red!
Oh, and FYI... my husband grew up on margarine (yuck) and I was brought up on sweet, unsalted butter... So his margarine stays in the fridge and my butter is happy in it's new home..

Speaking of likes & dis-likes...
my hubby was brought up on Miracle Whip, margarine and sweet pickle relish..(which I detest).
I was brought up on mayonaise, butter and dill pickle relish... so on days when we have chicken/tuna/egg/potato salad... I have to make 2 batches,, his with his stuff and mine with my stuff!
Life in our kitchen is never boring!

Wine, Wine Wine...

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We (hubby and me) received an unexpected package the other day,,
12 bottles of O'Leary Wines,  as in Kevin O'Leary from the T.V. show, "Shark Tank"..
I have a wine fridge for my white wines,, ,,but I had to go buy a small wine rack for my reds...
Life is rough,, Drink Wine! lol!


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Repurposed Sweater...

 I love Cashmere sweaters,, and I use to love 'turtle neck sweaters',, but as I age, I find turtle necks to not be so comfortable anymore.
'Sew'.. I decided to open the neck line on this cashmere.. and now I can wear it again.
I used some left over Alpaca wool yarn, and bits of beads... and nestled down in front of the T.V., and crocheted on a boarder and then stitched on the beads, all in one evening.
VOILA! old sweater is new again.
Now to iron out the wrinkles,,, lol!

Monday, October 22, 2018

It's a Tea and Scones kinda Day...

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It's a Tea and Scones kinda day...
 make 'em,,, bake 'em....
  warm and ready to serve...
 make a cup of tea...
and enjoy! Yum Yum yum... it's a perfect tea and scones kinda day,

Sunday, October 21, 2018

A Visit from Mama...

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I was fortunate that my sister and brother-n-law were able to bring mama up here for a visit.
It was a test run to see how she can handle flying,,, I will say Alaska Airlines was Awesome! They took care of mom so wonderfully.. They wheel chaired mom to the waiting area, onto the plane assisted in getting mom seated and then helping with mom off the plane.
I am very impressed with their care.
All in all mom was a trooper the whole time. I bought a wheel chair and walker for mom's stay up here...
We had a BBQ at our daughter's home,, talk about a full house,,, between kids, adults, cousins, and critters.. we had a fun time.
 mom, aka Oma,, and the great grands...
 Smooch fest.... Aiden, mom & Jada....
 We had lunch in an Irish Pub in town...(L to R),, mom, Brittnie and her soon to be hubby, Sam.
 Mom with grands & great grands.. (L to R), Evan, Meri, Aiden, mom, Jada & Soleil.
 Here we are in down town Spokane, ,, Soleil, me, mom and Gary.
Soleil, me, mom, Gary and Aiden and Jada.
Now we feel good about mom traveling with family... Mom's stroke has weakened her body,, but not her heart,, and she was so happy to be around her grand daughters, Meri and Brittnie and her great grand kiddos, Soleil, Jada and Aiden.
Hopefully she will be able to come back up here in the Spring.

Pulling up the Rear! lol!

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Well, here I am again, Pulling up the Rear! lol!
I Have been up to my eyeballs in 'stuff', and unfortunately, I am remiss for not keeping up with my Blog.
Soooo, here we go!
 I finally got around to making a watch bracelet,,, and yes one of the watches still works.!!
 I made these 2 Lic. plate frames for two of  my Glamping Gal Pals...
 did a little machine embroidery, a sachet filled with lavender from my yard.
 made a key fob from YoYos and a cute garden button.
 Found my old "Knitting Nancy".. took me a few attempts to remember how to start!
 Crocheted some more cotton dish rags for little gifts. Tucked in some of my fresh lavender.
 I took inventory of all my sewing baskets,,, and yes they are all full with craft projects...
 I have wool projects in one, cross stitch in another, yoyos in yet another, and small penny rug projects in 2 small ones... and I have 3 more out in the trailers, with stash-n-go projects.
 Just finished pruning my lavender,, with Ginger's approval ...
 Autumn has taken it's toll on the trees.... now to get around to raking up all the leaves.
I went to a over the top fabulous Quilt show... there were several hundred Quilts on display.. I am in awe of the work these ladies do... Oh if only I were that talented...Some day.... 
Well that's it for now.....
Have a Blessed Sunday.