Friday, April 8, 2011

April Snow!?!

What happened to, "April showers bring May flowers"? Our April showers brought rain, hail & SNOW! what's up with that?
Go figure,,,we give the 'girlies' their Spring haircuts and the very next snows!

Dolly's opinion of the snow! (which by the way is how I feel about it too!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just another day.....sort of.....

This is 'Sammy the one-eyed wonder dog' abused, removed & rescued dog(from ID.), That now lives a very happy life with my grand babies at Lazy Acres ranch.
This is 'Bella', a very happy rescued rottweiler that also now lives at Lazy Acres ranch.

Can you see her smile? She really is a Happy dog, check out her smile!

We jokingly call our daughter & son-in-law's ranch, "Noah's Ark'..let's see, 2 found kittens,

4 rescue dogs, 5 goats, 1 sheep and 2 adopted babies....I am thinking 'Noah's Ark' is getting full! lol!

Hmmm, I would bet, from the look on their faces,,these 2 lil munchkins are up to some mischief!

'What?"...."Who me?"....
Here is Phoobit, taking her first few steps! & we got it on film...I mean digital... Isn't she cute!

Her adoption is just a few weeks away and then she will legally be our grand baby.

How Blessed we all are.

Such a lady...

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Dolly~girl is such the lady....
She is greatfull for her blessings....
she is greatful for her home....
and she is greatful that dad hasn't given her a haircut yet! lol!

Soon Dolly, soon as the weather gets warmer.


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This brazin guy was trespassing across our property just last month....Not sure if he was looking for food or for the rest of his pack.


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Every now and then I get a little cross stitch in...
As you can see, I love doing beaded stitchery.....

This sweet little pillow graces my bed.