Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just another day.....sort of.....

This is 'Sammy the one-eyed wonder dog'...an abused, removed & rescued dog(from ID.), That now lives a very happy life with my grand babies at Lazy Acres ranch.
This is 'Bella', a very happy rescued rottweiler that also now lives at Lazy Acres ranch.

Can you see her smile? She really is a Happy dog, check out her smile!

We jokingly call our daughter & son-in-law's ranch, "Noah's Ark'..let's see, 2 found kittens,

4 rescue dogs, 5 goats, 1 sheep and 2 adopted babies....I am thinking 'Noah's Ark' is getting full! lol!

Hmmm, I would bet, from the look on their faces,,these 2 lil munchkins are up to some mischief!

'What?"...."Who me?"....
Here is Phoobit, taking her first few steps! & we got it on film...I mean digital... Isn't she cute!

Her adoption is just a few weeks away and then she will legally be our grand baby.

How Blessed we all are.


  1. Is that lazy or "Crazy" acres ranch? LOL With so much to do there I know they are not Lazy!

  2. Congrats on the adoption....of the whole group!! You have more little grand babies than any granny could want!!

  3. Oh Gracie, look how fast your grandbaes are growing! They are darling!

    The recue dogs are precious! How could anyone mistreat such sweet faces. Makes me sad. How blessed they are to be living with Meri now!


  4. Congratulations on the finalization, the girls are darling-first steps-what a triumph. I'm so glad your kids are into rescue animals; we've only had "pound puppies" for all our dog years (30+) and they are the sweetest we could have ever wanted as our girls grew up. enjoy, enjoy


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