Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Christmas in July...

Ok, so it's not Christmas, nor July.... but...............
 A wondeful friend who I have not seen in over a year popped by with some goodies for me...
It was like Christmas in I went through the treasure trove of vintage fabric, trimings, doilies, patterns etc...even a vintage 'California Tourist Tablecloth' and a sweet tote bag made from a re-purposed Dresser sweet!...oh and Aprons! lots of sweet vintage aprons....
 Then there was the sweet woven picinic basket filled with lace, trims and doilies....
 as well as 2 cute little sewing baskets....filled with......
 embroidery floss and the other was filled with Bias Tape, ric~rac and what nots!
 I am so excited,,,, oh and check out the "Fifth Avenue" Bias Tape.... the yellow & pink bias tape packages were from a J.C.Pennys store and the origional price sticker says .08cents!
 Then there are these sweet 'stitchery iron-on transfers'..... I just love the graphics on the packages...and pre-priced at  .10cents....
 Brands like Superior, Vorgart and Aunt Martha were popular for stitchers from the 1940's up to today...Aunt Martha transfers can still be found but at a whole lot more then .10cents! lol!
 I feel in love with this one,,,and plan to stitch the little 'Scottie Dogs" on some towels...
for my vintage Serro Scotty trailer...... All I can say is,,,,Thank you so... I mean 'sew' very much Judy...
If you can't find me around the campfire,,,then that means I am down in my sewing room, creating! 

Sherry Made Me Buy It!

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 My friend and fellowette Trailer Diva, Sherry and I decided to do a little 'Trailer Trolling" yesterday, on our way to the Thrift...well we spotted 3 lil old trailers and left messages on the owners doors...because ya just never know!
In the mean time while at our two favorite Thrifts, I found this wonderful wool felt hat,,,perfect for the next time I am at the Kentucky! It needs a little cleaning but for $4 I absolutely love it! Just might have to dress it up with a little 'Bling'..
 Then I came across this sweet plaque... perfect for me,,,because at my age, I sometimes forget who I am among other things! lol! It was a great .99cent find.
 And then I spotted this! OMG! I am in love!  No really!  
 I call these 'aquarium rock art'...These were a very popular craft project back in the 1960's... you could buy kits that came complete with the little aquarium  colored rocks, glue and misc. deco trim. I actually have a blue & purple floral one hanging in my little Scotty trailer. This one will go into my kitchen. The photo does it no justice,,,as some of the rocks are very iridescent.... $2.99 SCORE!
 Then I spotted this cute crochet chicken pot holder for only .99cents... I remember seeing these in just about all my childhood friends family homes...probably were Christmas gifts crocheted by loving Aunts and Grandmas...
and for the best part... I have a set of these canisters, the flour, sugar, coffee and tea... but I had no idea there was one for saved 'grease'!   You would pour your left over grease from frying foods, through the 'strainer' and the clean grease would be saved in the canister & the food bits caught in the strainer where wiped  and tossed out....Now I have to tell you, they normally have black lids, but this one literally peeled off when I was washing it in uber hot water... no big deal, because for those of you who know me,,, know my favorite saying,  "spray paint is your friend"  (if it moves...salute it...if it don't,, paint it! ) lol!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow...


So,, this is me, last week, with my long tresses.....June 2012

here I am with my (back to front) sister, Suzanne, her daughter, Brittnie, my daughter, Meri and me...for a girls get away in Pasadena Calif., in the Spring of 2007...

 hmm, what am I up toooo!?!?

 Wait, am I in a Salon?

 uh oh, what's she doing with that rubberband and why am I sitting in that chair?

Nice braid.... long too!

OMG! she's got scissors in her hands....

bye bye braid... bye bye long hair.....

5 years of growing out my hair and it only took a moment to braid and snip it off.

Oh my, why didn't someone tell me I was sooooo grey!

tadaaa!   Well, now to wrap up the braid and send it off to 'Locks for Love" .  My goal was to grow my hair long enough to be able to have it go to a good cause... wigs for cancer patients

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quail & Garden...

 Our little Quails are becoming frequent visitors to our bird feeders.... and are very entertaining....
This isn't a great shot of my garden,,, this was taken earlier in the week, now nearly all the plants are almost double in size... my tomatoes, snap peas, onions, peppers & potatoes are actually doing really well in my version of  'container gardening'... and my strawberries, which I have left in my garden for the past 3 years are producing phenomenal....lots of new growth...the runners are propagating like weeds! lol!  But we have had a lot of rain, so I am hoping to get a break in the weather and get some sunshine to encourage even more growth. Keep your fingers crossed for us...

3-2-1 Cake in a Cup & a Nap.


It's 'tuff' being a cat in need of a nap.... snooze......

2 of my Gal~pals sent me this terrific recipe for "3-2-1- Cake in a Cup"
Simply mix together 1 box of Angel Food cake mix with 1 box of your favorite flavor regular cake mix,,, I store mine in a (Tupperware type) container.  Now for the easy peasy part...
take 1 coffee mug & lightly spray it with "Pam" (or similar type cooking spray)
now in a mixing cup add:
3 tblsp of the 'mix'
2 tblsp of water
mix together
pour into the coffee mug and 'bake' in the microwave oven for 1 min.
Voila!  cake in a cup in an instant!
Tonight we sliced the 'cake' in half, added fresh sliced strawberries picked from my garden today. Then we topped it with some whip cream... oh Yum!  
This is a perfect 'mix' to have on hand for when you need a quick 'snack fix or to make for some sweet little grandkiddos.
It also makes a great  "Mix in a (canning) Jar" gift.   Just make up a batch of the 'cake mix', and then fill into a canning jar. secure the lid and tie a tablespoon measuring spoon to the lid with ribbon or raffia...along with a copy of the recipe.. also you might want to add the expiration.... I buy the Angel Food cake mix that is the '1-step' mixing'.
Try making Lemon or chocolate or vanilla.. This one is strawberry flavored. Toppings can be as easy as powder sugar, jam, even peanut butter....think 'peanut butter cups' ! 
Hope you enjoy this easy to make & share recipe.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day, Smorgasboards & BooBoos...

 What did your Father/Hubby do on Father's Day? I hate to say it, but around here, most of them were out brush hogging their pastures....taking advantage of the decent break in the weather.

I like to think of it as "Dueling Tractors" .... Kabota vs John Deer... lol!

SMORGASBORD... and the 'all you can eat' cafe!  We have tons of Quail around here,,,and some that quit often fly up to our balcony to par take of the feast in the feeders... lol!

Personally I think 'boy quail' is ChEaP! and takes his girlfriend to our feeders for the all you can eat special!

And then there is our "Wednesday Date Night"...the kind where your hubby is calling your name & saying get me to the 'Emergency', Quick! Then shows you the spewing blood gushing from his nearly torn off finger...ok, so it was his Pinkie,,,but it was still pretty messy...I did a quick triage and then drove him to be stitched up...The doctor's comment was, hmmm, (not a good sign)... 'not sure we can save it,,,but'... (there was barely a 1/4" of skin still attached, but no bone showing) (or should I say 'sew') 14stitches later we were in pursuit of a Pharmacy that was still open at 9pm... thank goodness for Walgren's... I love date nights with hubby dearest,,,but I am thinking next time, a little less blood & stitches.... lol!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I Don't Want to Grow UP!


I don't want to grow up~ I am getting older but I refuse to get "Old"!....

To say I had no idea about ageing is absurd!
As a child, I saw grandparents were old....
As a teen I scoffed at parents were old....
After all, age and getting old meant you had grey hair, wrinkles, wore bi-focals and were clueless....
or so I thought!

As a young adult, I despised getting old, I had no time for it, but I feared it,  that I would become 'like my parents'...

And now here I sit, wearing bi-focals and reminiscing, and embracing it... discovering that this 'age' thing isn't all that bad,,,, I can take aspirin for my achy joints, wear 'readers' to do the daily crossword puzzle or cross-stitch, and have an excuse for getting up umpteen thousand times to go to the bathroom in the wee hours of the night!

Now that I am here, and a member of "AARP"......I can embrace age, to be free of the 'ties' that controlled the very directions of my life.
Now I can do what ever I want,,, stay home and putter or travel the ends of the globe.
I can relax on the patio ever so leisurely while enjoying a glass of OPOLO Wine, preferably white,,,
Or sit out by my favorite river bank and just hang my toes into the water...I can even go Glamping and be silly with my non-judgemental old/new friends wearing petticoats, cowgirl boots & hats!.
I can play with my grandchildren and then go home when I am spent.

This 'age thing' is allowing me to have the best time of my life, and to be silly with my husband of a gazillion years and with whom I want to travel the ends of the globe with.

Don't get me wrong, I still worry about things, finances, the economy, health and whether or not I am wearing the right shade of pink lipstick with this T-shirt!
I am still a 'List Maker'... but I noticed my list is not as long as it use to be and I am not as obsessed with completing it, I am even beginning to scratch things off my list as I realize they really are not that important.

I am not competitive as I use to be,,,I am no longer defined by a 'job title', a cookie cutter house with a manicured lawn, pricey shoes and matching handbag...or the right shade of red hair~dye #5....
I don't even worry anymore if friends drop by unexpectedly and my home is less than stellar in cleanliness.

I miss 'home' back in Southern California dearly and daily... I have heard people refer to California as the 'Land of Fruits & Nuts'.. maybe so,,, but I guess that is why I fit in so well, because I am Nutty about California.
But life does not stand still, neither does aging... and isn't it all about stepping out of ones 'comfort zone'?
I have learned and am still learning to "Let Go, Let God" direct my path.
I now find it is more important to go outside, to garden, to putter in my trailer, to stomp around our little 5acre ranchette in my battered old cowgirl boots,,, with a kitty or two in tow or to have 'date night ' with my hubby, even if it is just a trip to Taco Bell.
I now just want to play,,, and play I shall!
So, I am 'letting go' of the constraints of 'age' and am embracing each new day and the 'gifts' it brings.

Good Bye 'Old Age' and Hello 2nd Childhood!  Bring It ON!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

John Fogerty Concert...

 Here you go,, two old "fogeys" going to a John Fogerty concert....
How Kool is this! we had great seats, only 10 rows back.... John Fogerty was/is one of Gary's favorite musicians and so needless to say Gary was thrilled to see J.F. in concert,,,albeit, 30years later! lol!
Fogerty gave a great performance and his voice and enthusiasm for his craft is very evident in his performance. For me however,,, I was amazed at all the 'old fogey/people that where in attendance! Wowzers, look at all the grey haired old farts... they better be careful 'movin and groovin.. they might break a hip...   when suddenly it was brought to my attention ( Thanx Gary)....I AM part of that aged fan club! YIKES!  when did that happen? lol! Better be careful, I might break a hip!  lol!

Almost Finished...

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Well we are getting there,,, this is the 'Walk-In' shelter for the to put the siding and roof up... then we can run the electricity and water lines. If only we could get a break in the weather.... uugghh!

Computer Down,,,Craft Time Up!

 So while my computer was down with issues....I had to fill the days with something to do besides mindlessly wasting away precious hours...(oh wait! that's what I do when my computer is working!)...
 So I gathered up a bunch of fabric, mostly upholstery type and got to stitching...
 and before I knew it,,, I had made these totes.....
 and of cource they each have yoyos... after all, what's an apron or tote with out a yoyo or two or three!
 Then I treated myself to a Thrift shop run and look what I found??? and for a mere $2.99 !  It looks to never have been used,,,someone probably made it as a gift and the recipient donated it away... My Score!
 Then I came across these 3 afghans...each under $2.00...again, probably a gift that was not appreciated...but never fear, they now have good homes......I appreciate hand crochet & knitted afghans..
And last but not least... this sweet Beehive woof felt hat that I found while out Junktiquing... I Luv it!

Newest Addition...

Welcome, "Baby~Boy"... he is the soon to be newest addition to our daughter and Son-in-love's home...
I refer to him as Baby~Boy, and will do so until he is legally adopted and then I can share his name with you...but for now, 1 year old, sweet Baby~Boy is just such a good natured little guy... He has some medical issues but a fantastic medical support team is working on that... currently he is fed via a stomach tube, and has had some surgeries etc...but in spite of a rough start as a wee one, he is so lovable and good natured. Baby~Boy has 2 'older sisters' who probably will terrorize him as only sisters can do! lol! But they are also very watchful over him and keep mommy updated on his crawling and playings (usually with their toys!).
What a joy to watch our grand-kiddos and their menagerie of critters which include cats, dogs, sheep, goats and who knows what else that may show up on their porch someday.
God's Blessings abound in their's and our homes.

Blackmail Photos!

 "Here's Looking At You!
 mmmpf! peanut can whistle!
"Pull my finger!"  I dare You!!!!
These photos are gonna come in handy when these 3 characters turn 16... can we say 'blackmail photos!?!  lol!