Sunday, June 24, 2012

3-2-1 Cake in a Cup & a Nap.

It's 'tuff' being a cat in need of a nap.... snooze......

2 of my Gal~pals sent me this terrific recipe for "3-2-1- Cake in a Cup"
Simply mix together 1 box of Angel Food cake mix with 1 box of your favorite flavor regular cake mix,,, I store mine in a (Tupperware type) container.  Now for the easy peasy part...
take 1 coffee mug & lightly spray it with "Pam" (or similar type cooking spray)
now in a mixing cup add:
3 tblsp of the 'mix'
2 tblsp of water
mix together
pour into the coffee mug and 'bake' in the microwave oven for 1 min.
Voila!  cake in a cup in an instant!
Tonight we sliced the 'cake' in half, added fresh sliced strawberries picked from my garden today. Then we topped it with some whip cream... oh Yum!  
This is a perfect 'mix' to have on hand for when you need a quick 'snack fix or to make for some sweet little grandkiddos.
It also makes a great  "Mix in a (canning) Jar" gift.   Just make up a batch of the 'cake mix', and then fill into a canning jar. secure the lid and tie a tablespoon measuring spoon to the lid with ribbon or raffia...along with a copy of the recipe.. also you might want to add the expiration.... I buy the Angel Food cake mix that is the '1-step' mixing'.
Try making Lemon or chocolate or vanilla.. This one is strawberry flavored. Toppings can be as easy as powder sugar, jam, even peanut butter....think 'peanut butter cups' ! 
Hope you enjoy this easy to make & share recipe.


  1. Oh! I have to try that, we have raspberries getting ripe! With only 2 of us, sometimes a whole cake is too much. Thanks!

  2. Danger danger danger. And yum, yum, yum!! I'm so proud of you....baking!! :) Great job on the berries. The robins keep eating mine.


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