Sunday, June 17, 2012

Newest Addition...

Welcome, "Baby~Boy"... he is the soon to be newest addition to our daughter and Son-in-love's home...
I refer to him as Baby~Boy, and will do so until he is legally adopted and then I can share his name with you...but for now, 1 year old, sweet Baby~Boy is just such a good natured little guy... He has some medical issues but a fantastic medical support team is working on that... currently he is fed via a stomach tube, and has had some surgeries etc...but in spite of a rough start as a wee one, he is so lovable and good natured. Baby~Boy has 2 'older sisters' who probably will terrorize him as only sisters can do! lol! But they are also very watchful over him and keep mommy updated on his crawling and playings (usually with their toys!).
What a joy to watch our grand-kiddos and their menagerie of critters which include cats, dogs, sheep, goats and who knows what else that may show up on their porch someday.
God's Blessings abound in their's and our homes.


  1. Oh My Gosh! He is such a cutie pie! God Bless Merry and Evan <><

  2. Cute little guy! Kids are so resilient!


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