Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day, Smorgasboards & BooBoos...

 What did your Father/Hubby do on Father's Day? I hate to say it, but around here, most of them were out brush hogging their pastures....taking advantage of the decent break in the weather.

I like to think of it as "Dueling Tractors" .... Kabota vs John Deer... lol!

SMORGASBORD... and the 'all you can eat' cafe!  We have tons of Quail around here,,,and some that quit often fly up to our balcony to par take of the feast in the feeders... lol!

Personally I think 'boy quail' is ChEaP! and takes his girlfriend to our feeders for the all you can eat special!

And then there is our "Wednesday Date Night"...the kind where your hubby is calling your name & saying get me to the 'Emergency', Quick! Then shows you the spewing blood gushing from his nearly torn off finger...ok, so it was his Pinkie,,,but it was still pretty messy...I did a quick triage and then drove him to be stitched up...The doctor's comment was, hmmm, (not a good sign)... 'not sure we can save it,,,but'... (there was barely a 1/4" of skin still attached, but no bone showing) (or should I say 'sew') 14stitches later we were in pursuit of a Pharmacy that was still open at 9pm... thank goodness for Walgren's... I love date nights with hubby dearest,,,but I am thinking next time, a little less blood & stitches.... lol!


  1. Oh my! I'm glad he kept his finger!

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